You, Version2.0 — Upgrade Your Life

You know when you get a new phone or electronic device and, every so often, you have the option to update the software to make it better? What if your life were like that? Well it is! And today’s the day for your upgrade — it’s You, Version2.0.

You, Version2.0. Upgrade. Phone. Software.

Our smartphones are getting ever smarter, and the difference between man and machine is dwindling by the day. We both need to recharge our batteries every now and then. We work at maximum efficiency when we’re powered up and fully fuelled, otherwise we grind to a halt. And, for both of us, there are always ways to be better. For them, it’s a software upgrade; for us, it’s a new routine.

The first full version of any software is Version1.0. A minimal update becomes Version1.1, and a major update becomes Version2.0. Updates improve speed and efficiency. They fix problems and add new features. Some will be minor bug-fixes, and some will be major re-designs.

Phone & laptop upgrade

So let’s apply that to our own lives and think of our current selves as Version1.0. We’re not in beta form; we don’t require any further testing or tinkering. We’re already fully functioning entities with some great features. We’re released to the world and, as we operate and go about our daily lives, we notice things that could be tweaked, or we receive constructive feedback for ways we could improve. And so we upgrade. Maybe it’s a small upgrade, like incorporating some extra veg into our diet or making a donation to a worthy cause, or maybe it’s a big, overhaul upgrade, like quitting smoking or a bold new look.

  • We take up some gentle exercise once or twice a week => Version1.1
  • We dabble in a new hobby => Version1.2
  • We change career paths => Version2.0
  • We attend a seminar to learn a new skill => Version2.1
  • We become vegetarian => Version3
  • We tick off that one task that’s been on our to-do list for ages => Version3.1

And so on.

Sometimes what you think will be an upgrade actually turns out to cause more problems, or just wasn’t the improvement you’d hoped it would be, so you just revert to the older version. Maybe your new exercise regime didn’t last, or your new diet was too restrictive, so you downgrade and wait for a better update to come along. And that’s OK. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to what works, as long as you’re also prepared to try something new to see if it will work even better.

Or maybe you updated and there’s no way to change back, so you just have to wait for the next one to roll around. Maybe you renovated a room and it didn’t turn out like you’d hoped, or your hair is a little shorter than you wanted because, you know, hairdressers seem to have a different unit of measurement to the rest of us. That’s OK too. There are lessons to be learned. (Sometimes the lesson will simply be patience.)

Infinite upgrades. Upgrade. Dandelion. Quote

So what’s the difference between you and your smartphone? Simple — you don’t have to hang around and wait to be notified that it’s time to upgrade; you can go out and make it happen for yourself, this very second.

For me, I’m trying to think of myself and everything I do as Version1.0 — perfectly acceptable and capable, with an eternal option to be better. I can do amazing things, and I’m happy in the knowledge that I can make improvements or tweaks as and when I need. It’s helping me fight my perfectionism and get off my arse to take accountability for my own actions.

Life is full of infinite upgrades — you just have to choose which one you want.

So whatcha think, is it time for an upgrade?

What will your ‘Version2.0’ be like?

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