☘️ INSTANTLY Turn Your Bad Day Around With These 10 Mood Boosters

Bad days happen and, when they do, it's easy to get sucked into a downward spiral. You need something quick and simple to break the cycle so you can get back on track.

These 10 mood boosters can each be completed in about 1 minute and are guaranteed to make you feel better.


Instantly turn your bad day around with these 1 minute mood boosters

Sometimes you just need a quick win – something that's going to give you an instant mood boost. Even one small achievement can break the 'bad day' spell, build momentum, and bring about huge, positive change.

This is especially true when you're putting massive effort into something and the payoff just isn't coming soon enough. Without feeling some sense of progress you'll feel defeated and demoralised, and much more likely to throw in the towel.

Or maybe you're having one of those days where nothing seems to be going right.

How To Turn Your Bad Day Around

Whatever the case may be, click the video to learn 10 different ways you can turn your bad day around in just one minute.

When you need fast results, these small things will instantly make you feel more successful.

And then you can get right back to being happy. =)

When you're feeling out of sorts, what's something you do to lift your spirits? Share it in the comments below so we can all add it to our list of instant mood boosters.

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  1. Great ideas, Laura!
    I learned a new way of washing my hands to calm down during a busy stressful day. 1)Plant your feet solidly on the ground and try to push them apart. 2) While washing, breathe in and out slowly then pause; in and out and pause.3) Very gently wash your hands carefully like you are washing a baby.
    This just takes a few minutes and calms your parasympathetic nervous system. Amazing how this has helped me!

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