4 Signs You Need To Take A Break NOW (PLUS How To Have More Energy)

I know you’re busy. I know you’re working, you’re cleaning, you’re grocery shopping, you’re cooking…

I know you barely have any time for yourself.

But when feeling tired is just a constant state of being, how can you tell when it’s actually time to take a proper break?

Well, if you listen carefully, your body is giving you these 4 warning signs…

Always tired? Here are 4 signs you NEED to take a break (plus some top tips on how to have more energy throughout your day)

First let me say that the presence of one or more of these doesn’t necessarily mean you’re on the verge of burnout (though it certainly might be a good indicator).

It could also be indicative of some other issue, including an illness or vitamin deficiency. So if you’re at all concerned, please speak to your doctor, particularly if resting doesn’t alleviate the issue.

Equally, the absence of these doesn’t mean that you don’t need to take breaks. Resting and recharging are essential. These are simply signs that perhaps you haven’t been allowing yourself to fully recharge, or that you haven’t been doing it often enough.

So let’s dive in and look at the symptoms, as well as what you can do about them.


The first may seem like an obvious one but it’s worth noting at the outset, and that is that you’re sleeping for longer than usual, or you’re still feeling sleepy even though you’re getting the same amount of sleep.

For whatever reason, your energy levels are running on empty.

It’s one of the reasons it’s so important to have a pretty predictable sleep schedule – you’ll spot irregularities much sooner and be able to fix them.

Obviously there may be several factors at play here – you often sleep a little longer in the winter when it’s darker outside, perhaps you’re battling an illness or are dealing with strong emotions that are causing your battery to deplete faster than usual, or maybe, even though you’re sleeping the same amount of hours, the quality of your sleep may have deteriorated for some reason.

If you can’t pinpoint the reason your sleep has been affected, it’s likely that your body simply isn’t getting the breaks it needs.

Get yourself a calming bedtime routine, read this post for some ways you can sleep more soundly, and then during the daytime, focus on slowing down and incorporating more (and better) rest breaks.

Watch the video below for some of my top tips on keeping your battery topped up throughout the day, and then click through to page 2 for the rest of the warning signs.

Click through to page 2.

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