If Perfection Doesn’t Exist, What Should We Aim For?

We’re always asked about perfection. What would our perfect day/partner/job/date/whatever be? We’re told to live each day as if it were our last. We’re told to reach for the stars. We’re told to picture our ideal life. Sometimes we’re even told we’ll be able to manifest it into existence. (Strange how my bank balance is still missing a few extra numbers, then.) Then we’re told perfection doesn’t exist. We’re told to stop daydreaming and just keep our heads down, keep working, keep plugging away. Hope for the best, but expect the worst. Keep our expectations low to avoid disappointment. If… More ->

Should You Be Doing More?

I’ve written a lot here about how to get shit done. I’ve talked about avoiding procrastination, learning how to draw up a basic budget, hacking your ‘to do’ list, increasing your willpower, plus a whole host of other great posts. But I want to get one thing clear: at no point am I suggesting that it’s better to do more. The reason I share great productivity tips with you is not just so you can get more done, it’s really so you have less to do. We have a tendency to equate “doing more” with long days and late nights,… More ->

Is It Better To Always Be Busy?

The glorification of being busy needs to stop. These days, we tend to think that if we’re not constantly rushing around then we’re not really achieving anything. We’re not successful or sought-after. We’re not pushing ourselves hard enough. We’re not doing anything of value. I feel it myself every time I take a break — “I should be writing”, “I should be scrubbing the floors”, “I should be putting on a wash load”, “I should be painting the kitchen”… But the idea that the people pulling all-nighters are somehow more productive is fuelling the sort of frenzy that leads to deep… More ->

4 Top Tips To Ensure You Sleep Soundly

PREFACE TO PARENTS WITH CHILDREN WHO DON’T SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT: Some of the below tips may still help you but, for now, you’ll have to accept the zombie state of affairs while remembering that THIS TOO SHALL PASS. You’re doing a bang-up job as it is, and I’m in awe of the superhuman strength it takes you just to get out of bed. If you’ve got a few minutes and you’ve decided to read this post, the best advice I can give you is to skip it and go have a power nap instead. The second best advice I… More ->

Reset Your Space — How To Set Yourself Up For Success

There are eleventy billion ways to get your shit together, but there are far more obstacles to making it happen. So today I’m sharing a great trick for eliminating a lot of the ‘drag’ — all you have to do is reset your space. When you sit down to eat at a restaurant, the table is clean and tidy with a few basic things to help start you off, like menus. Similarly, when you arrive at a hotel room, the space is clean and tidy, with everything you need for an enjoyable and relaxing stay. That’s because, after the last… More ->