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You’re pretty much home and dry now. All that’s really left is to monitor your system over time and tweak it, if necessary.

I had a system whereby, in my wardrobe, I kept all my trousers together. It made sense to me at the time I put the system in place. But I noticed that I was constantly frustrated by wanting to wear something casual with a pair of Converse and only finding trousers that really required heels. So I separated the trousers out into regular and long lengths. Problem solved.

Systems are great… as long as they’re working. Sometimes it’ll be immediately obvious that something’s amiss. And sometimes they’ll work wonderfully well for a while, but then something happens that changes things. Like moving house. Or having kids. Or taking up a new hobby. That’s when you need to stir shit up.

Re-evaluate. Be prepared to roll with the punches. Don’t stubbornly stick to a system that isn’t working for you. The whole plan is to get (and keep) your shit together, not to stick with the old shit.

Similarly, you should sometimes shake things up just for the hell of it. You might find that a system is working fine for you, but change it up anyway. You may be pleasantly surprised that the new way of doing things is vastly (or even just moderately) superior. Worst case scenario, you just revert back to the good ol’ tried and tested.

So make a note (mental or otherwise) every time something in your system lets you down, and change it.

And sometimes change it just for shits and giggles, because there’s rarely no room for improvement.

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  2. Janine Cummings

    Loved the blog – I’m working my way through my home, and for the most part, am finished inside. My main issue is that I have a TINY house, with very little storage, so the bulk of “not everyday use” has to go out in the shed or thrown out. I just can’t remember what I’ve put in the shed, and exactly which container its in.. Tell me if this sounds insane, but I’m considering making an “index” of sorts – listing what’s in storage and where. Is this a step too far? Do you think it would be worth the effort?


    • Hi Janine! I’d go through each box in the shed one by one, ruthlessly decluttering what you don’t need, and then organising like with like afterwards. THEN do your index. Hopefully you’ll find that you get rid of so much stuff during the process that your shed will be relatively empty afterwards. =) Are you following the KonMari Method? I’d highly recommend it. It’s basically a decluttering method that frees up SO MUCH space in your home. I’m currently in the middle of it (just about to publish a post on my progress, so check that out) and I’m loving it. My home is about 1000 square foot so it’s not exactly massive either, but this process has helped me reclaim areas in my home that were previously lost to clutter. Toss the junk first and you may find you’ve no need for an index at all. 😉

      P.S. Email winging its way to you soon with the file you asked for. =)

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