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How To Get Your Shit Together, Step 1 — ASSESS

{ Welcome to  “How To Get Your Shit Together, Step 1”. Have you started at the beginning? If not, catch up here: “How To Get Your Shit Together: The Beginning”. }

Look, you can’t go in half-cocked. That’s a recipe for disaster (initially, at least). You need a plan. That’s how to get your shit together, step 1 — assess! It doesn’t need to be anything elaborate, or even written down, but you need to think about what you’re going to do.

Seeing as we’re just starting, we’re going to take it nice and slow. Think about which area of your life you’d like to sort out. For the sake of ease, we’re mainly focusing on relatively simple things here, like physical and digital clutter. (Work, relationships, emotional baggage, crippling debt… These are all things for another day because they require a LOT more time and effort and, in some cases, a professional.)

Maybe your bedroom is a total disaster zone [guilty], maybe the files and folders on your computer may as well be sticky notes in a jungle, or maybe there’s a distinct lack of surface space in your kitchen. The point is, you need to pick something that bugs the shit out of you. And then sort it out.

How to get your shit together, step 1

Not sure where to start? Too many things annoying you that you don’t know which one to pick first?  The best thing to do is just to pick the next annoying thing that you come up against in your day.

-> Can’t decide what to wear? Time to declutter the closet.

-> Can’t find that bill you’re supposed to pay? Time to go through your paper pile.

-> Can’t fit another thing into the bin? Time too… umm… empty it. Lazy arse.

Keep it simple. The closet suggestion only works if the amount of clothing you own is about a fifth of the amount I own. If the job’s a big one, narrow your focus. Don’t tackle the entire wardrobe — just go through your jumpers to start. And don’t rip every book off the bookcase — just start with one shelf. There’s a chance you’ll get the whole bookcase organised if you take everything off it, but you’re more likely to end up tired and overwhelmed. If you focus on one shelf, there’s pretty much zero risk of failure.

Also start small because we’ve got 6 steps to go here, people. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Or at least a mini marathon. Alright, it’s a quick stroll around the block.

Congrats on lacing up your shoes. Now get out there!

How to get your shit together, step 2 ->


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3 Responses

    1. I think once we remove emotion and overthinking from things, the practical “doing” is so much easier than we thought and takes a lot less time. =)

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