Everything I Bought In September 2018

What started as an attempt to hold myself accountable has turned into a bit of a beast. But I guess the outcome was the same because it’s opened my eyes to my ridiculous (and, frankly, almost out of control) spending habits.


September 2018 Favourites | Everything I bought in September 2018, post KonMari Method

For a few years now I’ve been pursuing a more minimalist lifestyle. Those who’ve been around these parts for a while will know I’ve done some serious decluttering in that time and, if you were to ask me a year ago how I was faring, I’d have told you I was doing well.

Fast forward a bit and I decided to track my spending to see where my money was really going. And colour me mortified because it seems I’m spending vast sums of money every month.

I guess that, even as recently as a month ago, I was still in denial about it. That was, until I started getting some comments on last month’s video asking how I could consider myself a minimalist with the amount of stuff I was buying.

Fair point, well made.

I have to say, those comments stopped me in my tracks a bit. My initial reaction was one of defensiveness, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised how far from my initial path I’ve strayed. So please know that, if you were one of the people who left a comment like that (and they were all polite), I appreciate your honesty and your gentle nudge back in the right direction. I appreciate your “reality check”.

I’d like to say I’m a completely reformed character but these things take time. I am pleased to say, though, that I spent significantly less in September 2018 than any other month this year bar one. (April me was very thrifty.)

So here, for your eyeballs’ pleasure, is everything I bought last month. It’s still a lot, but it’s a lot less than before.

I realise that’s still a huge amount of money to be spending, especially on top of a mortgage, bills, insurance, etc. but it’s about 40% less than I spent the previous month (and that was down 50% on the month before that).

It’ll be interesting to see what October brings!

Have you ever tried tracking your spending? Were you pleasantly surprised… or perfectly horrified?

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