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☘️ 7 Pandemic-Specific Things To Declutter Right Now • Achievable Decluttering

I think we can all agree that we're ready to put this pandemic, and any reminders thereof, behind us. While the reality of that in the world at large may be a little way off yet, you can still declutter your home of some pandemic-specific items to start clearing some space.


Declutter your home of some pandemic-specific items to start clearing some space

Unless you're an introverted work-from-homer like me you've probably spent WAY more time under your own roof the past few months. Maybe you've taken up new hobbies, tried out new recipes, or had to lug everything home from the office to create a work (or school) setup.

Perhaps you've even purchased a thing or two to ease the lockdown malaise.

Either way, your space is starting to feel a little cramped and you want some quick and easy decluttering tips.

7 Things To Declutter Today

(In as many cases as you can, please donate or recycle items where safe and appropriate to do so. )

1. Ill-fitting masks

At the beginning of this madness you probably rushed out (or online) to purchase whatever masks you could lay your hands on.

And now several months have passed and you've found the ones that fit and feel reasonably comfortable.

It's time to ditch the ones you're not wearing, or that have worn down to threads.

(If you have to trash them, please be sure to cut the straps first so they don't pose a strangulation hazard to small creatures.)

2. Old loungewear

Listen, if you haven't worn it the past few months when it's basically been your uniform, you're never going to wear it.

This was its time to shine. If it failed to live up to the spotlight, set it free.

3. Board games & jigsaw puzzles

In the beginning, it was all fun and (literally) games. But now even the thoughts of having to play Monopoly with your housemates one more time makes you break out in a cold sweat.

On the off-chance you've added these to your regular rotation, good for you.

Otherwise, off they go to another loving home.

4. Extra food

Be honest, did you buy something in bulk and then get sick of it after two sittings?

Or pick up a spice for a recipe you wanted to try, and now you're left with the entire bottle minus one tiny little pinch?

Maybe you panic-purchased flour because for a time there it looked like we were never going to see a good loaf on store shelves again?

You're not alone.

But instead of letting all that extra food go to waste, donate it to a local shelter or food pantry, or see if a neighbour wants it.

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5. Gadgets

If you didn't buy a bread-maker, did you even live through a pandemic?

In all seriousness though, you probably purchased something that, post pandemic, you'll never use again. It could be a ring light to brighten up your Zoom calls, a fitness tracker to measure your activity levels, or a power tool to finally put up those shelves.

If it's served its purpose, pass it on.

6. Subscriptions

Let me tell you, Disney is laughing all the way to the bank on this one.

(Have you had a hit of Hamilton yet? I feel like the only person in the world who hasn't seen it.)

If you signed up to a streaming or other subscription service during the pandemic, ask yourself now if you truly need it. Life beforehand was just fine, and it will be again.

This one probably isn't taking up physical space in your home (unless you signed up to a magazine subscription or similar) but it's sure taking up a lot of space in your budget.

(And it won't be getting any cheaper. Remember when Netflix was only $7.99 a month? Those were the days.)

If you've had your fill, best to let it go.

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7. Fair-weather fancies

We all took a temporary shine to something new the past few months. With so many of us having extra time on our hands we hadn't expected, a lot of us turned to hobbies and DIY projects to pass the time.

And while they were wonderful outlets, chances are their novelty has now worn off.

If you've got something like this in your life, don't be afraid to say a fond farewell.

To be clear, my daughter painted this. ... And it's better than I could have done.

When you're ready to take the next step you'll love my 'Clutter Free In 5' challenge. It's 30 different decluttering tasks designed to whip your home into shape 5 minutes at a time.

It's chock-full of some of my very best decluttering tips, and comes with a workbook to keep you on track.

Oh yeah, and it's completely free.

Declutter Challenge - Your 30 day decluttering guide, teaching you how to declutter your home in just five minutes a day, for FAST decluttering results

This 30 day declutter challenge will have you clutter-free in just 5 minutes a day.

You've cleared out all your pandemic-specific stuff, now it's time to start reaping the rewards in the rest of your home too. =)

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8 Responses

  1. You are not alone-I haven’t seen Hamilton, either. Though I have listening to the soundtrack and now I REALLY want to see it, but I refuse to have yet ANOTHER monthly subscription! We actually did just recently declutter our budget and got rid of a few monthly things that we didn’t need. We reclaimed over $100/month! Thanks for all your inspiration! 🙂

      1. We decluttered the budget to spend it on something more important for work stuff. So we didn’t actually save the money, but at least we didn’t increase spending!

  2. *raises hand*
    Still haven’t seen Hamilton. Definitely not alone in that one. 😀

    Great list – need to do a run through of the house with this and start pulling stuff. I’m glad I’d already tossed a bunch of old makeup that I didn’t use B.C. because that certainly hasn’t been used much lately.

  3. I, too, am an introvert and 5 years ago my husband and I moved to the family ranch in a very isolated part of the state (and country). We’re both retired and handling the pandemic well so far. But we also inherited two households, plus all the stuff I was still hanging onto, so I’m doing the Clutter Free in 5 challenge and it’s been marvelous. Today I cleared off my desk (I’ve been trying to do that all month) and the drawers of the table by my comfy chair. And I’ve set up my writing plan!!! And this is only day 5 (paper clutter). Thanks so much for a workable plan that is helping me feel lighter and happier each day.

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