Out With The Old… Literally


Another year over, a new one just begun.

I’ve got very exciting things planned for the site this year, just as I’m sure you have very exciting things planned for your life!

If you’ve made a resolution, I’d be willing to put good money on it falling into one of the following categories:


  • Health (eating a balanced diet and getting fit)
  • Wealth (eliminating debt and starting to save)
  • Relationships (love and laughter)
  • Housekeeping (keeping your home clean and tidy)
  • Organisation (better time-keeping & scheduling)
  • Personal care (more ‘me time’, rest and relaxation, expanding your horizons)


Am I right? (Rhetorical question, obviously. :P)

Well I’m going to try to help you with as many of those as I can. I’ll probably have to bail on the relationships one ‘cause I’m one of those people who prefers their own company, so I’m not sure how much good I’d be with advice on how to interact with others. But I’m happily married, I have a beautiful daughter, and family is the most important thing in my life, so I might try to throw in my two cents on the subject.

Look, I’m not an expert on any of these subjects (though I’m pretty good at being organised), so I’m just going to impart what I’ve learned along the way, and hope that it helps someone.

This year, I want to try a little harder. To learn a little more. To be a bit more aware of what’s happening in my life.

In short, I’m still getting my shit together.

But while it’s always fun to take on exciting new projects, your challenge for today is to get rid of something old. Pick something to leave behind in 2014. I’m not talking intangible things here, I’m talking about actual items that just drag you down.

So go ahead and pick something to get rid of. A good place to start is your sock and underwear drawer! Anything with holes and/or stains immediately goes in the bin. Linen closets, cutlery drawers, medicine cabinets… Also great places to go looking. Maybe even just take down the Christmas decorations and stick them back in the attic for another year.

Me? I’ve gone through everything on our kitchen counters and table. Bits went in the bin, other bits went in the donation bag, and some stuff went back to its home elsewhere in the house. The result? Breathing a sigh of relief every time I enter the room.

Out with the old before it’s in with the new.

Toss the trash and start 2015 afresh.


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