November 2018 Wrap Up

November finally saw us starting to get back on track after a disastrous few weeks of sickness and plague. We're still not firing on all cylinders but we're much better fixed than we were.

Here's the lowdown.


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November 2018 wrap up post for

Blog Posts from November 2018

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Thanks so much to everyone who participated in my "Alternative Thanksgiving". I loved hearing all the small things you're thankful for.

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Videos from November 2018

My video on morning pages was the big hit here. Have you watched it?

This month I started "premiering" my videos, meaning there's a live chat box where we can talk to each other as soon as the video is uploaded. It's been so much fun and I love interacting with all of you and getting your real-time feedback.

The chat box disappears a few minutes after the video ends so if you want to get in on the action, subscribe to the channel and then click the bell beside the subscribe button on my channel to be notified when I upload (and go live). Can't wait to chat to you every Thursday at 1pm EST (6pm GMT)!

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Social Media Stats for November 2018

  • twitter
    Twitter: over 1,225 followers.

In the coming weeks, these numbers are going to drop. I'll be doing a systematic clear-out of my accounts (in fact, I've already started), deleting anyone who doesn't open my emails, etc. The intention isn't to alienate anyone, but simply to curb my need for "vanity numbers", and to be able to give more of my time to the people who are actively engaging with my content.

What else happened in November 2018?

You'll find everything you need to know in this video. =) Also, I need an updated photo of me and my brother!

Books I finished reading in November 2018

(If you buy through these Amazon affiliate links, I'll earn a small commission on the sale. Thank you! For more info, read my disclosure.)

For the month of November I challenged myself to read 50 pages per day. The goal was not only to learn as much as I could, but also to bump reading back up the priority list in my life. It's a huge hobby of mine but I often neglect it in favour of getting a little more work done. No longer!

I'm happy to report that I smashed my reading challenge... and I'm still going! A huge added benefit of it has been that, because I read at night before bed, I now find that I'm sleeping a lot better too because my crazy brain has a chance to stop racing.

It also meant I hit my goal of 50 books for the entire year, so everything extra is a bonus!

If you want to keep up with what I'm reading in real-time, follow me on Goodreads. Otherwise, here's everything I read in November:

A very mixed bag, but that's how I keep things interesting. =)

I think next month is going to see the last of these monthly wrap-up posts. I want to provide value to you, and I'm not sure these posts really fit in with that, other than giving you a little "behind the scenes" snapshot of myself and my business. If you have strong feelings either way, please let me know in the comments. Otherwise we'll give this one more go next month and then call it good.

Hands up who already has all their Christmas shopping done.

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