Everything I Bought In November 2018

November saw the start of my Christmas shopping... for MEEE! Ha ha. I've added a few new festive pieces to my wardrobe, including the world's most amazing Christmas cardigan. (Warning: This one will divide opinion!)

{Heads up that this post contains affiliate links for Christmas sweaters. If you make a purchase, I'll earn a small commission from the company. You know me, I only recommend stuff I truly love. Thank you for your support in helping me bring you the best.}

November 2018 Favourites from HowToGYST.com


My family were here at the beginning of November and, though that always involves lots of shopping, it also means they cover a lot of the cost. So believe me when I say my spending total wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. Without them footing some of the bills, I would have gone into four figures!

Still, I got pretty close, with one particular purchase making up the bulk. So feast your peepers on some festive gear, as well as some fun additions to my kitchen and closet:

(Heads up, affiliate links follow.)

Another favourite of mine is this AWESOME sweater I was sent by UglyChristmasSweater.com (see below). As soon as they contacted me I thought, YES! Whatever you want from me, YES! YES to amazing Christmas sweaters.

Buy now: http://weav.me/~kd64 Use code HowToGYST for 15% off

They're offering all of you 15% off with code HowToGYST and, honestly, I think you should hop all over it! View their entire selection of ugly Christmas sweaters, or go straight to my Jack Skellington one.

Being a bit of a connoisseur of Christmas sweaters, I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality of these. Fast shipping too, which is always a concern of mine around this time of year. You should get yours 2 days after placing your order. So if you've got a Christmas party coming up, or you're just a bit of a festive freak like I am, nab one for 15% off now with code HowToGYST.

They also sent me this one, which I can't wait to wear (you'll find it here: Filthy Animal sweater):

Buy now: http://weav.me/~kd6K Use code HowToGYST for 15% off

And I have my eye on this whole-other-level-of-amazingness (go to UglyChristmasSweater.com and search for 'unicorn'):

Go to http://weav.me/~kd6N and search 'unicorn'. Use code HowToGYST for 15% off

Fair warning, if you're easily offended, their site might not be the place for you. Otherwise, dive right in and see what's on offer: UglyChristmasSweater.com

OK, I have to know though... yay or nay on the cardigan from the video? And on that 3D unicorn jumper? I mean, obviously, I'm all in favour but I suspect I'm in the minority. So sound off in the comments...

Do they spread Christmas cheer... or strike festive fear?

choose your next adventure
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