My KonMari Journey — ‘Komono’ — Linen Closet

After taking such a long break from the KonMari Method, there were 3 areas I knew I wanted to tackle next: the linen closet, the garage (actually just a space under the outside steps), and my daughter’s toys. (If you want to hear why I took a break, watch my YouTube video here, and I also took the time to re-asses and re-evaluate the Method by looking at the pros and cons as I’ve experienced them and deciding what I wanted to do differently going forward, which you can watch here.) The linen closet was BY FAR the least disastrous so I decided to start there to try ease myself back onto the bandwagon.

And I’m so glad I did!

This is what the space looked like beforehand:

KonMari. Linen Closet

The closet is an awkward shape, what with the water heater being in the middle of it, so it was limited in what kind of storage solutions it could offer. I knew I wanted to keep the space just for towels and bedclothes, so everything else had to go. I also knew I wanted everything easily accessible, so the top shelf that was slightly set back was either going to be bare, or only store things that were used very infrequently.

KonMari. Linen Closet

So here’s what was in our linen closet:

  • 3 towels (and there were 4 in use around the house at the time)
  • 2 facecloths
  • 4 sets of bedclothes for the master bed (and 1 set on the bed at the time)
  • 1 fitted sheet for the master bed (not part of a set)
  • 3 mis-matched pillowcases
  • 1 large vacuum storage bag
  • 1 wedding dress
  • oodles of Scout’s old baby clothes
  • 2 cot sheets (and 1 was on the cot at the time, as well as a duvet & pillowcase)
  • 1 cot duvet cover
  • 1 set of bedclothes for a single bed
  • 6 baby blankets

It only took me a few minutes to pull everything out. I stacked them in sub-categories (all the towels together, etc.) and got stuck in.

KonMari. Linen Closet

I had actually already planned on donating the baby clothes, and had put them in there to separate them for that purpose, so those were easy to deal with. I just bagged them up, along with 3 of the baby blankets, and set them aside.

In terms of Scout’s stuff, I also decluttered the bedclothes for a single bed (she’s still in her cot for now) and 1 of her sheets.

And then for the rest I had to consult my hoarding husband. 😉 He only wanted to part with 1 towel (I wanted at least 3 gone), and he wanted to keep both facecloths (despite not having used them in several months). The things I do for love!

We agreed on 2 sets of bedclothes going. And then I was sneaky and just got rid of the pillowcases because they didn’t belong to a set. Sshhh. 😛 All in all, over half of the stuff was cleared out.

KonMari. Linen Closet

Here’s what was left to go back into the linen closet:

  • 2 towels
  • 2 facecloths
  • 2 sets of bedclothes for the master bed
  • 1 cot sheet
  • 1 cot duvet cover
  • 3 baby blankets

Oh, and the wedding dress. I put it on that awkward top shelf I told you about until I can get my shit together enough to finally sell it. (My actual wedding dress is stored in the attic — this was one I bought before finding “the one”.) I moved the vacuum storage bag to the shelves in the office for now.

And that was that. Bedclothes on the bottom, towels on the top… and high-fives all ‘round.

KonMari. Linen Closet

The whole process only took me about half an hour so was by far the quickest category I’ve done. And I needed that. I needed to start off slowly so I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed and defeated and end up taking another break (probably a permanent one). Now, I’m determined to see this through to the finish. Yes, there’s still loads to do but hey, I’ve already come so far!

The next categories/spaces are definitely going to be the hardest: Scout’s toys (which take over most of our sitting room), the outside storage space (which houses LOTS of junk and my husband’s sports gear), and the attic (*gulp*). I don’t even know which of these to start on because they’re all mammoth tasks, but I suspect it’ll be Scout’s toys because that’s the category that will make the biggest visible difference and will have the biggest impact on our day-to-day living.

But for now, I’m just going to bask in my linen closet success a little longer.

KonMari. Linen Closet

What categories are you currently tackling?

{ If you want to see the video version of this post, click here. }

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  2. Very inspiring! Just be aware that you need to check your hot water heater frequently. Ours burst the other day, flooding several rooms. Amazing how much water is in one of those things! You might want to keep anything in that closet in plastic boxes. Love the insights into the Konmari methods. Smiles from Hawaii

    • Wowzers, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of one bursting before. Do you know what caused it?

      • Usuallly it’s the accumulated minerals, in our area, calcium carbonate, that collect and literally corrode out the bottom. I’ve lost much of my art work in one of these “floods”.

        • How awful! Is there some way to prevent it? Do you need to replace them every now and again? Not an issue we have here in Ireland, I don’t believe.

  3. I had a great experience with our linen closet too. It is really just a shelf in an alcove that has the little door to crawl into the attic through so I didn’t know what I was going to do for a storage solution. I ended up getting rid I’d do much stuff that I didn’t need any extra organizers!

  4. We don’t have a linen closet or if we do I never figured out which closet was meant to be for the linens. We have a day bed in the hobby room which has 2 large drawers. I keep the linens for that bed and my daughters bunk beds in there. We also have extra unopened duvets in there for a single bed that hubs bought on sale. Given how messy my daughter is even at 11 it could honestly be needed. I want to say (did this a while ago) actually that she has 2 matching sets for her bed and the day bed has 3 sets for some reason.

    Our bed linens are in a box under our bed. We have three sets. Hubs hates throwing away linens and makes me save the old ones encase we need to move furniture which is why I see no point to try and throw them away really. So we have 2 full sets in a storage closet for moving furniture. He also likes to make them into work rags we have a huge stack of work rags. He says they are really useful. Towels we have I believe 10 it is supposed to be 5 for my daughter (she has to take towels to gym and towels when she swims and she uses so many towels I can’t keep pace with laundry) and 5 for us. Then some hand towels. All the towels are in my daughter’s bathroom because she has a large closet. Our bathroom came with zero storage save for one tiny glass shelf. We have a sauna in our bathroom which we don’t use so I store our extra bathroom stuff in a plastic box and hubs shaving box on the bench which could easily be moved if we should use the sauna. We have used it twice in 4 years so we rarely use it. Hubs also has trouble parting with old towels because they could be used to wipe up spills that aren’t water or for painting. We keep cleaning linens in the laundry room. Not so easy for me this. I mean it would be but

    • If those towels and linens are useful and beneficial, it’s perfectly fine to keep them. =) And wow, a sauna in your house! I know you say you don’t use it often but what an addition!

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