Mid-Year Review [+ FREE WORKSHEET]

How I do a mid-year review so I'm always achieving goals (even if I sometimes slip up), including a free worksheet so you can do one too.

Time for a mid-year review, me thinks. Care to join me?

How I do a mid-year review so I'm always achieving goals (even if I sometimes slip up), including a free worksheet so you can do one too.

I’m going to share the process I used for my mid-year review, as well as a worksheet you can print out so you can do your own (click the pic above). I’ll list all the New Year’s resolutions I set for myself, talk about the progress I’ve made (or lack thereof, if applicable), and explain how I intend to round out the rest of the year on a high note.


How I do a mid-year review so I'm always achieving goals (even if I sometimes slip up), including a free worksheet so you can do one too.

So often we make goals and then don’t stick to them or just plain forget about them. Or, worse, we reach them or at least make progress towards them, but never stop to give ourselves credit. We have a tendency to focus on what we don’t have instead of celebrating and appreciating all the things we’ve already achieved and all the great things we’re working towards.

That’s where the mid-year review comes in — it helps you recognise your hard work, how far you’ve come, and how much closer you are to your target. It’s also a helpful reminder of the goals you set yourself, and a gentle nudge to recommit to things that may have fallen off the radar for whatever reason. Or, let’s be honest here, to re-evaluate what’s really important to us and ditch the everything else, along with the guilt.

So here are all the big goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year, how I’ve fared, what I’ve learned, and whether I’ll be keeping them for the rest of 2016.

I should point out that, though these are the big goals, I’m constantly setting smaller goals for myself. Those form part of my monthly review.

Why not grab the free "Mid-Year Review" worksheet now and fill it in as we go. Ready?

How I do a mid-year review so I'm always achieving goals (even if I sometimes slip up), including a free worksheet so you can do one too.

My mid-year review:

To save you a lot of scrolling, I've tabbed each goal so you can click through the tabs to read each one.

  •   GOAL #1  
  •   GOAL #2   
  •   GOAL #3   
  •   GOAL #4   
  •   GOAL #5   
  •   GOAL #6  
  •   GOAL #7  
  •   GOAL #8  

>> Launch a paid e-course

Progress:  Done!

Obstacles I've faced:  ​Time. Holy fecking jaysus, it was time-consuming! I ran myself ragged tryna get it launched on time.

How I overcame them:  ​I worked long days and some nights. I cut out all other distractions. I had blog content done in advance so I could focus solely on the course. I sacrificed free time, family time, sleep time…

Potential future obstacles:  Same lack of time when it comes to updating the course.

How will I overcome them?  I'll write a clear action plan for what needs to be done, and schedule it in before the end of 2016.

What have I learned?  I can make time for and achieve pretty much anything if I put my mind to it.

What can I celebrate?  ​Making money! Ha ha. It’s not why I do this (otherwise, I would’ve thrown in the towel a LONG time ago), but it’s nice to finally feel like I’m financially contributing to my family again.

What still needs to be done?  The whole thing needs to be updated. I want to continue to make it bigger and better.

How will I do it?  New videos, new “recap” sheets, and adding a new module on how to deal with burnout (something I experienced myself while designing the bloody thing).

Phew! Out of 8 goals, 3 have been completed, 3 are still on track to be completed by the end of the year, and 2 have been ditched. All in all, I’m happy with that success rate.

This is the first year I've ever done a mid-year review and I'm sorry I didn't start sooner. Such insights! I'm so proud of how much I've achieved in the first 6 months of 2016. Normally I'd be focusing on how much I didn't get done, or all the things I didn't achieve. But hey, I launched an e-course, I read 12 books (and counting!), I'm halfway through my second round of the KonMari Method, ​I got a diploma in digital marketing, and I started an editorial calendar (which has really helped take some of the pressure off when it comes to creating content on a regular basis).

It also highlighted that I'm still setting goals based on things I think I should be doing (like regular cleaning), rather than things I genuinely want to achieve (like re-introducing daily reading into my life). And there were a few eye-openers in there too, like the fact that I'm only setting some goals to impress people (writing a book). That's pretty disappointing, but at least I'm aware of it now. I definitely still want to write a book -- writing is a huge passion of mine -- but I need to wait until it's more about the passion than it is the pride.

How I do a mid-year review so I'm always achieving goals (even if I sometimes slip up), including a free worksheet so you can do one too.

It occurs to me that, really, I should probably set some new goals for myself for the remainder of the year, so that’s what I’ll be doing this coming week. Nothing major — just something to challenge myself. I feel the first half of the year went really well overall, so I want to continue to build on previous successes. With that in mind, I’ll be asking myself what I can do in the next 6 months that will make 2016 a standout year.

Now it’s time for you to do your own mid-year review. What goals did you set for yourself? What progress are you making, and what obstacles are you facing? How will you overcome them, and what are you learning from them? What can you celebrate right now? Take the time to do it! Give yourself a pat on the back and indulge in a favourite activity as a reward. You deserve it. Now, what still needs to be done and how will you do it? Go get it!


​Have you done a mid-year review? If not, are you going to?

Would you like me to share my new goals once I've set them?

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  1. I tend to lurk, but wanted to pipe up to let you know how much I appreciate your blog and videos — it’s heartening to see you be so candid about how some of these tasks aren’t as easy as Marie Kondo et al make it seem!

    • Thanks so much, Claudia, that really means a lot. I always try to be honest and upfront about things. Hiding struggles isn’t helpful for anyone.

  2. I have wanted to do this but wasn’t sure how. Today I stumbled onto you blog and am so happy that you provided such an easy format to follow. Thank you very, very much.

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