May 2018 Wrap Up

I'm aware this is incredibly late but illness, a trip to Florida, and a trip to California are all to blame. (On the plus side you'll get to see those VERY soon in June's wrap up post.)

Let's look back at the month I turned 34... and ended up in the ER.


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Blog Posts from May 2018

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How To Let The Little Things Go & Stop Caring So Much
Learn to manage your anger so it doesn't damage your relationships with loved ones: 1 simple question
How I Changed My Life In 30 Days: Month 1 – Get Up Earlier

Who's been following along with my "How I Changed My Life In 30 Days" series? I'm so glad I started it! Wanna join the Facebook group?

Videos from May 2018

I'm thrilled the "Declutter With Me" series is doing so well. We'll be moving (!) in the next few weeks so it's been great to get rid of some junk. Our house story is actually an interesting one so I'll have a video on that soon. You can also expect more decluttering videos as I work on setting up our new home. Exciting! 😀

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40,500 subscribers can't be wrong. 😉

Social Media Stats for May 2018

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    Twitter: almost 1,200 followers.

What else happened in May 2018?

Nothing much, unless you count that time some unidentified, excruciating pain landed me in the ER hooked up to a morphine drip. Or that other time we put in an offer on a house, had it accepted, and then the whole thing fell through.

And the other zillion things that happened.

Just click that 'play' button and all will be revealed. 😉

Books I finished reading in May 2018

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Only managed to finish one book in May, which is disappointing. (If you've watched the video above you'll know I was pretty busy!) I did start a few others though, and my local library have moved all their books around so I found loads of great new titles there. I can guarantee this list will be significantly longer next month. 

If you don't already jot down quick notes about what you do every day, I'd highly recommend trying it. When reflecting back over a month, I never think I've done all that much... until I consult the notes I wrote! It's always an eye-opening experience, and makes me realise I'm not nearly as unproductive as I sometimes believe I am.

And it'll make it so much easier when it comes time to write the memoirs. 😉

Also, who's excited for the new season? Summer sunshine here in Ohio and I'm loving it!

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