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Kiss Goodbye To These Messy Items • 10 Things To Declutter In March

March marks an important turning point in the year because not only are the seasons changing but we’re also rounding out the first quarter of the year.

You don’t want to carry clutter forward with you so here are 10 things to declutter in March. Let’s start the new season and the second quarter of the year feeling lighter, brighter, and unburdened. 🧘

10 Things To Declutter In March • March decluttering

What to declutter in March

1. expectations for how things "should" be

The past two years have been tough. For most of us, our regular routines look completely different.

And with seemingly everyone talking about “getting back to normal” it’s easy to assume that things will easily revert to how they were pre-pandemic.

When that isn’t the case, and social interactions start to leave us exhausted, we shouldn’t panic.

Times have changed, so instead of having high expectations for how things “should” be, lead with curiosity and look at how they actually are.

Maybe what’s out there is much better than anything you could have expected.

We Must Be Willing To Let Go Of The Life We Planner – Joseph Campbell • Inspirational Quote • Motivational Quote

2. throws & decorative cushions

Depending on which hemisphere you live in, you may be pulling these out or putting them away.

Check the condition they’re in and ask yourself if they’re surplus to requirements.

While you’re at it, if there’s any other seasonal décor that you drag out this time of year for specific holidays (like Easter), go through that too.

Do you really want to continue decorating with these items?

If not, declutter them.


3. Old bedclothes

With a change in season often comes a change in bedclothes. Take this opportunity to whittle down to the ones you’re actually using.

How many spare sets do you really need? Do you have to keep that single pillowcase that used to be part of a pair, or that sheet that doesn’t fit any beds you currently own?

It sometimes helps me to part with things when I know where they’re going. In this case, animal shelters are always grateful for old bedclothes and linens.

So if you’re finding this a struggle, just picture all the cute kittens and fluffy bunnies that will be tucked up extra cosy in your old bedclothes. 

4. the entryway to your home

It’s the first interaction you have with your home and if it’s messy, you can carry that chaotic feeling with you through the rest of the rooms.

Take a few minutes to take away anything that shouldn’t be there and tidy up what’s left.

Then let your entryway welcome you the way it’s supposed to.

5. the interior of your car

Our cars can become second homes and portable offices. And if you’ve ever ferried around kids, you know how quickly clutter piles up on and around the car seats.

Grab a bag and fill it with as much trash as you can. Then use a small box or basket to gather anything that doesn’t belong there and bring it back into the house.

If you’ve got some extra time and energy, run a vacuum or dust cloth quickly over the interior to grab the worst of the dirt.

Or if you’re short on time, stick to the centre console and empty out all those worn masks, empty hand sanitiser bottles, melted lip balms, old receipts, and anything else you don’t want or need in there.

6. Plants, flowers, vegetables, etc.

Maybe, like me, you turned your hand to growing plants and vegetables during the pandemic. And yes, I’ve made some progress, but my thumbs still aren’t fully green. 🥀

So before a new season dawns, it’s time to admit defeat on all the things you can’t bring back to life (or have no desire to).

Or maybe you’re a proper Monty Don (gardener extraordinaire) and you just need to do a little pruning and weeding. 🪴

Whatever your level, let go of all the leafy friends you don’t truly love and look after.

7. resolutions that no longer fit your lifestyle

It’s easy to start the new year full of motivation and optimism. We all want and expect to be dazzled with brand new opportunities. 😎

But then regular life kicks back in and we’re brought back down to earth with a bump.

That’s not to say you should ditch all the goals you had for yourself way back when, but take some time to re-evaluate.

Remove those rose-tinted specs, even temporarily, and see if your big hopes and dreams still align with where you are in life.


8. kitchen gadgets

Raise a hand if you or someone you live with bought a bread maker, an air fryer, or a slow cooker during the pandemic.

Raise your other hand if those gadgets don’t get nearly as much of a workout these days.

(You can put your hands down now.)

Let’s face it, we’ve all been home a lot more these past 2 years so if you haven’t used a small appliance in all that time, do you really need it?

Kitchens are no long just for cooking; they’re also where bills get paid, homework gets done, and crafts get started (’cause let’s face it, no-one’s actually finishing them).

You can’t afford to give prime real estate to a gadget you don’t use.

Pop it in a donation box and let somebody else benefit from it.


9. medication, vitamins, & supplements

A new season means new ailments. It’s time to update your medicine cabinet, cupboard, or wherever you keep the stuff so you have exactly what you need on hand. 💊

Remove anything that has expired or is no longer in good condition, and make a note of what you might be missing so you can stock up next time you’re at the store.

(Decluttering isn’t just about getting rid of everything, or living with minimal possessions, it’s about making space for what’s truly wanted.)

A top tip for you that’s going to make this process easier in future: take a permanent marker and write the expiry date in big numbers on the part of the box that’s facing you.

No more searching and squinting – a quick glance will tell you exactly what you need to know.

Like I mentioned earlier, you likely have a few unfinished projects lying around.

Whether it’s time, energy, or enthusiasm you’re lacking, don’t let it also be space. Clear out those things you no longer want, and make way for something you could spend hours doing.

We’ve all outgrown lots of hobbies over our lifetime so there’s no shame in admitting that something just isn’t floating your boat anymore.

The more you try to force it, the more time you’ll take away from things you’ll find infinitely more fun.

Remember, hobbies are supposed to be enjoyable.

You already have enough chores.

Each month of the year I share a new list of 10 things to declutter but if you can’t wait for the next instalment, join the 30-day decluttering challenge.

Each task can be completed in 5 minutes or less.

Download your ‘Clutter-Free In 5’ workbook and let’s get you that tidy, peaceful home you deserve.

what word would you use to describe how you want your home to feel? 🏡

Declutter These Messes In March • 10 Things To Declutter In March • March decluttering

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