March 2018 Wrap Up

For the whole month of March I could barely find my feet. As soon as I was getting settled into one routine, there was a shake-up and the solid ground beneath me began to shift.

Between being home in Ireland for the St. Patrick's Day festivities, and then with my family here for a visit, I have a feeling I'll be catching up for a long time to come.


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Blog Posts from March 2018

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Clearing Out Your Medicine Cabinet - How to declutter, organise, and safely store your medication, including some top tips as well as some things to avoid
How to declutter sentimental items & finally let go of the past | KonMari Method | Mementoes

A poor turnout, but I had other priorities at the time.

Videos from March 2018

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Social Media Stats for March 2018

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What else happened in March 2018?

Here's pretty much everything else worth knowing:

Books I finished reading in March 2018

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Because I was traveling and just generally out of my normal routine, I almost lost track of what I was reading. But I think this is everything I finished in March:

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of sleep and work to catch up on. 😉

Did you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? If so, where?

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