March 2015 Wrap-Up

March has probably been my least productive month of 2015 so far. I’ve been in an almighty funk and it’s affected my ability to do anything bar sit and feel sorry for myself. But shit’s about to change!

One thing I did manage to get done this month was to finally record and upload a video to YouTube. And the response has been absolutely overwhelming. Honestly, I was aiming for 50 views (and secretly hoping for 100) but, as it currently stands, I’m just about to hit the 800 mark. I’m astonished and humbled and so very grateful to everyone for their support, their kind words, and for actually watching it. May you all be blessed with pet unicorns.

Read the accompanying post and watch the embedded video here.

YouTube Filofax planner video set-up

What everyone thought my set-up looked like.

YouTube Filofax planner video set-up

What it actually looked like.


I also wrote a post on what a ‘no spend’ challenge is and how I do it. In the interests of honesty and openness, I’ve fallen spectacularly off the wagon since and have been desperately trying to buy my way out of this motivational black hole I’ve been sucked into as of late. I’ve bought clothes (both for myself and for Scout), an absolute shit-tonne of Project Life cards (with no idea what I’m going to do with them all), an iPad mini case to use as a pouch for my planner, and I currently have a Webster’s Color Crush in dark pink winging its merry way to me.

Once I get this current spending spree out of the way, I’ll go back to living the pauper life for another while. With me, it’s always a feast or a famine when it comes to spending money. Save and splurge, save and splurge.

Project Life. Scrapbooking.

The bare necessities. *cough*

I also wrote a review of the fabulous TeuxDeux app which, frankly, is the only thing that’s even vaguely whipping my arse into gear at the moment. If you’re looking for a to-do and list-making app, the lovely lads and ladies behind TeuxDeux have you sorted.

And, finally, I explained what my ‘Shit List’ is (which I keep in the TeuxDeux app). I don’t think I’ve managed to tick a single thing off it this month, but that’s going to change for April!

Grumpy Cat. Shit list. To do list. Productivity. Getting things done. GTD. Getting shit done.

In general what’s-going-on-in-my-life news, I spent the last 3 weeks invigilating (a fancy word for supervising) the law exams here in Dublin. It’s a handy gig that pays well and allows me to catch up on some reading, but it’s also highlighted how desperately we need a childminder who can step in now and again so that one or both of us isn’t always playing catch-up. So finding one is on the to-do list for April.

Scout has yet another eye infection but we’ve finally managed to get an appointment for her with a paediatric ophthalmologist so we should soon be able to get her tear ducts sorted once and for all. It’s a relatively minor treatment with a very high success rate, but it means she’ll have to be given a general anaesthetic. Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to that so I just need to keep focusing on the big picture.

And that about wraps everything up. I, of course, have more blog posts coming your way and, hopefully, another video (though I’m as yet undecided on the content). I’ve finished reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying” (click the Amazon affiliate link below to read reviews and find out what it’s all about if you’re unfamiliar with it), so you can expect to hear more about my progress on that when I start putting it into practice.

And you’ll find the usual merriment over on Facebook and Instagram (@HowToGYST).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make April my bitch.


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