January 2015 Wrap-Up


This was actually quite a productive (albeit lightning fast) month for me, perhaps because it’s January so I’m still full of the motivation and inspiration that the new year brings.

One of the problems I’ve found I have is that I try to make small amounts of progress with lots of different things, instead of really focusing on one thing and making great strides there. So this month I was determined to concentrate on one thing — decluttering.

There’s still a mountain of work to be done (more on that in the coming weeks), but I made significant progress. (Huzzah for being so fed up of your shit that you just chuck it in the bin and be done with it.)

I cleared off my office desk and filed or shredded most of my papers. I cleared the area beside my bed so it’s no longer a dumping ground for books, clothes, etc., and made progress clearing a big pile of randomness (mostly clothes) in the corner of the room. I got rid of some old toiletries & skincare samples and, in the sitting room, I cleared everything off the bookshelf and dumped/re-homed most of it (though some is still lying on the couch, waiting for me to decide what to do with it).

A work in progress...

A work in progress…

Various bits and bobs are now lying in a big box awaiting my next trip to the charity shop or, alternatively, ’til I can be bothered listing them on eBay.

I also re-organised the food cupboards in the kitchen so that everything looks much neater and is easier to access. Part of that work involved swapping the oils and sauces (used regularly… at least, by my husband) with the baking stuff (because baking? Ahahahaha. Yeah right). Our baking cupboard was beside the hob, while all the oils and sauces lived in a cupboard above the oven. The latter was a little awkward to reach so I put the baking supplies up there instead because, let’s face it, if it’s not of the just-add-water-and-an-electric-whisk variety, it just ain’t happening.

I also wanted to get a bit of exercise into each day which, I’m glad to say, I did. Sometimes it was stomach crunches, some cardio, and some (very light) weight-lifting. Other times, it was just a few jumping jacks. Anything above and beyond my regular movements was considered a win.

But perhaps my biggest achievement was… wait for it… NOT EATING ANY CHOCOLATE! Anyone who knows me is familiar with my incredibly sweet tooth. I used to eat chocolate every single day. And not just a bar. More like 4 bars. And maybe a packet of chocolate biscuits. Basically, I was heading down diabetes highway at breakneck speed.



So I made a decision to cut it out (temporarily, at least) and here I am, over a month later. Not a single sweet or crumb of chocolate has passed my lips since St. Stephen’s Day (when OODLES of the stuff slid into my stomach). I suffered bad headaches for the first three days and, ever since, have felt so much better! My health and digestion have improved, I suffer far fewer headaches, and I’ve lost some weight. (I’d like to say I now have boundless energy and my skin is crystal clear but, alas, neither of those is true. Still, not bad going.)

Overall, great progress was made and I still feel motivated to continue it into next month. Since the Super Bowl is this weekend, hubby’s workload will decrease dramatically from next week on, so I should have some more free time to concentrate on getting my shit together.

Stay tuned for a post on the simple way I managed to exercise AND refrain from chocolate every single day in January, and one on the new cleaning challenge I’m going to be undertaking soon. Until then, I’d love to know…

What went well for you in January?

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