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☘️ How To Simplify • Minimalism & Simple Living In Uncertain Times

If you're stressed out and stuck on the hamster wheel of life, these tips will show you how to simplify, slow down, and live with intention.


Learn how to SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE with these simple tips. Streamline your day, slow down, and live with intention.

Minimalism & Me

People often assume that because I get so much done in a day, I must constantly be working. And while it's true that I do go through heavy work periods, either because I'm in the middle of launching a product or because my motivation and inspiration levels are high, that's actually the exception to the rule.

Overall, I actually enjoy a pretty slow pace of life. I spend time with my family, I journal, and I read a huge amount of books.

Even when I'm working, it's rarely done at any sort of rushed or frantic rate.

Feet Up At The Saguaro Hotel, Palm Springs

How To Simplify

Recently I had an epiphany when my toothbrush (of all things) taught me a valuable lesson about how I'm spending my days.

Since then, I've streamlined even further.

So I wanted to share the steps I've used over the years to simplify my life and live with intention. It's how I get through about 2 books a week, upload content on a daily basis (whether it be a blog post, a video, or a social post), and how I've whittled my laundry routine down to a single load a week.


Click the video below to learn how I did it, and then scroll down to take part in the #SayNOvember challenge:

(For loads more videos like these on living a simpler, happier life, subscribe to my YouTube channel. New videos every Thursday.)


This video is part of the #SayNOvember campaign, where every year we say NO to something. The intention is to cut some chaos or negativity out of your life for the month of November and see how you feel.

You may find, as I often do, that at the end of the challenge you permanently adopt some of your new habits and happily embrace a more minimalist lifestyle.

Except when it comes to books, of course. 😉

How To Take Part

You don't need to take on this particular challenge; just pick something you'd like to cut from your life for at least a month and away you go. =)

If you're sharing about it on social media, use #SayNOvember so I can find you and cheer you on.

For LOADS more on how to simplify, follow me on Instagram. All month I'll be sharing additional tips and motivational quotes to help you stay on track towards your simplified life.

Are you in? What will you  #SayNOvember  to this month?


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