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☘️ How To Be Happy • Quit These Things If You Want True Happiness

Why is happiness so elusive? Well the truth is, sometimes it's just buried beneath a bunch of stuff you don't need. So if you want to know how to be happy you need to stop adding things to your life and, instead, start taking things away.

Let's start digging, shall we?


How To Be Happy • Happiness Hacks • Stop Doing These Things If You Want To Be Happy

This Is Why You're Unhappy

Advertisers and marketers have done a great job of telling us we need "more" in order to be happy. If we just buy this shiny new toy, true happiness will surely follow.


In today's consumerist society, if it were as simple as that wouldn't be all be much happier by now?

(Frankly, if my happiness stock was based on all the stationery and sequins I'd bought over the years, I'd be breaking records. Wall Street would be kissing my fleecy-socked feet.)

Morning pages, from "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron | Notebook collection featuring Moleskine, Leuchtturm1917, Scribbles That Matter, etc.

But the buyer's high is fleeting, and is about as useful as a bandaid on a broken leg.

The problem goes much deeper.

And it's not just the physical "stuff" either – most of us have subconscious standards we're trying to live up to, often based on the highlight reel of others' lives we see online.

Basically, we're hip-deep in sh*t we don't need.

It's time to start shovelling.

Flower bouquet in smiley face mug | Yellow roses & white daisies

How To Be Happy

At this point you might feel like I've sent you out to the Sahara with a bucket and spade. I mean, where do you even begin?!

Lucky you for, I've brought a map.

Why listen to me, you might ask?

Because I've spent the past 7 years digging.

I dug myself holes so deep they almost buried me... but I also dug my way out of dissatisfaction and depression.

And some days I'm still down in the depths with my little brush, dusting away at the sides and discovering more and more each day. Bringing some definition to blurry edges.

I'm getting there.

So to save you a lot of trouble, let me show you what I've learned about where to start looking.

Quit These Things For A Happier Life

Watch the video to find out exactly what to start excavating so you can finally find true happiness:

(For loads more videos like these on living a simpler, happier life, subscribe to my YouTube channel. New videos every Thursday.)

If you've felt unsettled for a while and can't quite figure out why, it may be that your happiness was hidden from you.

With the help of these happiness hacks, I hope you can uncover it once and for all. =)

Where will you start digging?


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