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How I’m Getting My FIT Together: The 1 Push-Up Challenge


So the “1 Push-Up Challenge” is done and, frankly, I’m glad. Push-ups suck. Having said that… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I bloody did it, and I’m so glad I didn’t aim for any more than 1 because it was a struggle!

I started last Monday, and I was pathetic. Not only could I not do a push-up, but I couldn’t even do more than 2 modified push-ups (knees on floor). Seriously, is there some anti-Olympics for the biggest weaklings in the world? Gold every time, baby.

But then the next day I managed 8. And the day after that, 14. Then 20 on Thursday, and 30 on Friday. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I progressed. Then Saturday, for some odd reason, I only managed 19. So let’s move swiftly along.

I always started by trying to do a proper push-up and, when that (inevitably) failed miserably, I went back to modified push-ups to see how many of those I could master.

But, lo and behold, yesterday, the very final day of the challenge, I managed to heave myself off the floor. It was my third attempt that day because I was bloody well going to keep at it until I got it. The power of Christ compelled me. It wasn’t a pretty sight, and there was plenty of huffing and puffing and heart pounding, but I did it. Barely. (I tried to do 2 in a row. It didn’t go well.) It was very shaky and, honestly, I probably looked like a newborn lamb trying to find its legs, but I’m still calling it a win.

Photo Credit: Saparevo via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Saparevo via Compfight cc

I won’t be making the front page of the news just yet, but I set myself a goal and I achieved it. Just another prime example of why you should always start small with your goals. If I’d challenged myself to do 10 push-ups, I’d be feeling mighty disheartened right about now. But, instead, I started small, and I feel elated.

And now that I’ve managed 1, I think I’ll try for 5 by next week. My fitness journey has begun!

I’m so excited to hear how you got on with your fitness goals. Share your struggles and your successes! Are you planning to keep it up?


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2 Responses

    1. I’m up to 20 now! Never thought I’d see the day! Getting that first 1 was such a HUGE struggle, but after that it was just a matter of adding an extra 1 every few days. 😀

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