Why You Shouldn’t Dread The “Hobby” Category Of The KonMari Method

You’re doing the KonMari Method and you’re worried. You’ve got a hobby that you love but it comes with a lot of “stuff” and, if you’re honest with yourself, you’re just not sure you’re ready to part with your supplies. You know you’ll have to deal with it eventually and you’re just dreading it. How can you possibly declutter the things that make you the most happy and make up a huge part of who you are?


Why You Shouldn't Dread The "Hobby" Category Of The KonMari Method | craft supplies | crafting | Marie Kondo

Normally, when you think about decluttering, you focus on the fact that you’ll be getting rid of a certain amount of stuff. But how do you declutter your stash when it’s such a huge part of your identity? When it’s what you do for fun and one of the main ways you relax? Thankfully, a quick review of what the KonMari Method is all about will work wonders at changing your perception and shifting your mindset so that, instead of dreading the “craft” categories, you look forward to them!

All you have to do is remember that the KonMari Method is not about choosing what to discard, it’s about choosing what to keep. It’s not about trashing everything; it’s about cherishing what you truly love.

The KonMari Method is not about trashing everything; it's about cherishing what you truly love.​

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Keeping that in mind, you don’t have to worry about your stockpile of supplies. You won’t have to part with anything you don’t want to. There is nothing in the Method to say you have to get rid of a certain amount so don’t think that, just because you have a large collection of something, half of it has to go in the bin.

For some categories, you’ll eliminate a lot; for others, you might not get rid of anything at all. As long as you’re being honest with yourself about whether the items spark joy, and as long as they all have a “home”, it really doesn’t matter that there are a lot of them. What matters is that you’ve made a conscious decision to surround yourself with joy, and that these are the items that contribute most to your happiness and the lifestyle you want to lead.

Why You Shouldn't Dread The "Hobby" Category Of The KonMari Method | craft supplies | crafting | Marie Kondo

So when you think about that stationery stash, or those crafting bits and bobs you’ve got stuffed in bins and baskets, relish the fact that you’ll get to sit down in your happy place and surround yourself with all the stuff that makes you come alive. If you do find you’re ready to part with some of it, all the better. If not, I’m sure you’ll make up for it in future categories. But don’t feel you’re forced to. Each of us is different. If you’re a bookworm, embrace your books. The Method is about making space for your true nature.

Remember, also, that ‘function’ is a form of joy. This video, where I talk about what to do if something doesn’t spark joy but you need it, will really help:

In short, if you’re living in fear of an upcoming category, you’re focusing on the wrong thing. The goal is to surround yourself with joy. Every item you evaluate is taking you closer to that objective, regardless of what you do with it.

Focus on what you love, and have no fear.

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