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☘️ Free Christmas Gifts • How To Enjoy A Special Christmas On A Budget

Gifts shouldn't be about how much you spend on them. And they shouldn't require Martha Stewart levels of make and do. So if you need beautiful but free Christmas gifts, and you're lacking in the DIY department, keep scrolling. I've got all ages covered.


Free Christmas Gifts • How To Enjoy A Special Christmas On A Budget

When you're on a budget (or have no budget at all), it can feel impossible to find "substantial" Christmas gifts.

But I'm sharing 8 ideas for meaningful and memorable presents your recipient will treasure, and that won't cost you a dime.

These aren't your average ideas either – I didn't even know about the first one until I started researching!

And even better? No artistic ability required.

Now THAT'S a free gift I can get on board with!

8 Free Christmas Gifts

Watch the video below for the BEST ways to find free Christmas gifts this year.

(For loads more videos like these on living a simpler, happier life, subscribe to my YouTube channel. New videos every Thursday.)

The most meaningful gifts rarely come from store. Give your loved one a truly special gift from this list and they'll treasure it forever.

What's the most "priceless" present you've ever received?

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4 Responses

  1. My most priceless gift was my daughter’s birth on Christmas Eve. Not “priceless” as far as cost (lol), but priceless in the way that really counts.

  2. Thanks for asking, Laura. No, she’ll be 42 this year, but still my most precious Christmas gift. While she was growing up, we made sure her birthday was totally separate from Christmas, but it was still very hard to throw her a party with all the Christmas activities going on. The entire family agreed that she should get a separate gift for her birthday like everyone else to the point where everyone overcompensated and some years it was like she had 2 Christmases. lol

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