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Free Yourself From This Clutter • 10 Things To Declutter In February

You’ve spent the first month of the year finding your feet and now you’re on solid ground. You’re ready to set yourself free from even more clutter. 

Read on for 10 things you can easily declutter in February so they’re no longer weighing you down.

10 Things To Declutter In February • February decluttering

What to declutter in February

1. Things you bought in a fit of 'New Year New Me' motivation

Maybe you thought you were snagging a bargain, or maybe your good intentions got the best of you and so you splashed out on fitness gear or things to get your life organised.

(Looking at you, storage tubs.)

But now you realise you were caught up in the heady hype of the new year and you actually don’t need all this extra stuff.

If it’s not too late, return it for a refund.

Otherwise, donate or re-gift it to a good cause.

Declutter anything that doesn't fit the life you're currently leading • Decluttering quote • declutter quote

2. Planners you won't keep using

Ah yes, another of those ‘good intentions’ purchases where you swear this is the year you’re going to stick to a planner.

And then a few weeks go by and you forget you even have it.

Maybe the layout wasn’t floating your boat, or it was too cumbersome to carry in your bag.

Maybe you bought a physical planner but you realise now you prefer digital (or vice versa, you went the digital way only to find you’re a pen and paper gal at heart).

Whatever the reason, don’t stubbornly stick to a system that isn’t working for you.


3. empty packaging & unwanted receipts

Though the holidays have passed, you probably amassed a large collection of boxes, bags, and receipts.

And bins fill up pretty fast over the festive season so chances are a few things were left aside because they couldn’t be squeezed in.

You may have even purposely kept back a box or two in case you needed to return an item.

Now’s the time to recycle anything you no longer want. Think of all the space you’ll save!

4. Takeout extras

We’re all busy people, particularly at the end of one year and the beginning of the next.

It’s a transitional time and easy to turn to takeout. You know, someone to fill our plates when our proverbial ones are already overflowing.

But with that delivery food can come a whole host of unwanted extras – sauce packets, napkins, straws, paper plates, plastic utensils…

If you’re not going to use them up, ship them out.

I don't know who needs to hear this but you can get rid of all those ketchup packets now.

Something that’s helped me cut WAY back on takeout this past year is Hello Fresh. (They’re not sponsoring this; I personally pay for their service.) If it’s something you’re interested in trying out, use my referral code for $120 off your first few meals. Trust me, it’s magic.

5. cleaning supplies

If you’re honest with yourself, you turn to the same cleaning supplies again and again.

Meanwhile, the furniture polish sits lost and forlorn at the back of the cupboard.

Spring cleaning is just around the corner so it’s time to whittle down to the ones you actually use. Trust me, it’ll make the job that much easier when you only have what you need.

(And I don’t know about you but I’m fully on board any train that makes cleaning easier.)

Either make a concerted effort to use them up (and then don’t replace them), or safely dispose of them now.


If you’re interested in greener cleaners, I personally use and recommend Grove. With my referral link you’ll get a free cleaning set with your first order.

6. Expired coupons & gift vouchers

If it’s for a large amount you could always try calling the company and asking them to extend it. This worked for me once (and it was the best spa day I ever had).

Otherwise, if it’s got last year’s date on it, let it go. Your purse is already packed to capacity. (I empty mine every Sunday as part of my weekly reset.)

BUT ALSO, if it’s still in date and you know you won’t use it, re-gift it to someone else before it goes to waste.

7. delayed donations

Stick with me here ’cause this may feel like a slap in the face but…

It’s high time you actually took all that stuff to the charity shop.

(There, I said it.)

If you’re like me you’re full of gusto at the beginning of a decluttering session, but then ready for bed by the end.

Who has the energy to actually get rid of those boxes of stuff?!

Or maybe the charity shops were full up over the festive season so you had to bring it all back home with you.

Whatever the reason, do yourself a favour and drop it all off today.

You’re welcome.

(I accept thank you’s in the form of an Instagram follow. 😉)


8. unfinished projects

We’ve all started something we’ve never finished.

I’m still working on my daughter’s “My First Christmas” photo book.

She’ll be 9 on her next birthday.

An unfinished project or craft just means you have other priorities, so clear away the clutter (along with any guilt) and re-focus your efforts on something that suits you better.


9. wish lists

My own personal vice is books I want to read. That list is hundreds of items long.

For you it might be things you want to buy, shows you want to watch, recipes you want to try…

You’ve got them all saved in a big long list (or on a Pinterest board) but you hardly ever look at it.

Choose the ones you’re really, truly excited about, and delete the rest.

‘Tis the season of love, and you may have a stash of old love letters, or cards you received from loved ones.

I used to feel obliged to keep every single card I’d ever received, so the stack was getting out of hand when I finally sat down with it.

These days I only keep the ones that are truly special to me, plus the most recent ones from the people I love.

I’d encourage you to do the same.

If you’re ready to take it to the next level, join the free decluttering challenge. Each day for a month you’ll receive a prompt for something to declutter in 5 minutes or less.

It’s a great way to kickstart (or ramp up) your clutter-free journey.

what area of your home will you tackle next?

10 Things To Declutter In February • February decluttering

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