February 2018 Wrap Up

February 2018 was a bit of rollercoaster around here, from the lowest lows to the highest highs. Immigration laws had me feeling like a second-class citizen, but then a trip to Spokane lifted my spirits.


Let's catch up on all the blog posts and videos HowToGYST published this month, and then finish with a video diary, shall we?

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February 2018 wrap up post for HowToGYST.com

Blog Posts from February 2018

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Self-Care Ideas You Can Do In 10 Minute Or Less
Take a "feck it fifteen" break | self-care | mental health | taking time out | taking time for yourself
The power of persistence

Not quite as many as usual because of the trip to Spokane.

Videos from February 2018

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35,000 subscribers can't be wrong. 😉

Social Media Stats for February 2018

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What else happened in February 2018?

I'm glad you asked! I've compiled a handy-dandy video diary of all the best (and worst) bits. But I forgot to include the time the turbulence on a flight was so bad I was convinced the plane was going to crash. I was seconds away from a full-blown panic attack.

I also talked about my husband's office party but neglected to mention that it was our first night out since we moved here 7 months ago. We left Scout with a babysitter/neighbour and all went well, thankfully.

Books I finished reading in February 2018

(If you buy through these Amazon affiliate links, I'll earn a small commission on the sale. Thank you! For more info, read my disclosure.)

I'm surprised I read so little this month given all the downtime I had, but when I'm feeling low I have a tendency to turn to "quick hits" like YouTube. I guess it gives me that feeling of "getting things done", because I can complete a video in 10 minutes or less but a book requires a more significant time investment.

(I did, however, spend quite a bit of time watching TV with Sam. We just finished up season 2 of 'Stranger Things' last night and are now looking for something to fill the void. So if you have suggestions, drop them in the comments.)

I'm off to Ireland in March to see my family and friends, and to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. (Please PLEASE stop calling it St. Patty's Day, America. There is no St. Patty.)

What are you currently watching? Sam and I need suggestions to help us through our 'Stranger Things' withdrawal symptoms.

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