Q&A With Sarah Knight (She Answers YOUR Questions)

Well I think it’s safe to say you’re all loving Sarah Knight and her books. 😉 When I posted my review of her new one just 2 weeks ago, you flooded the comment section with questions for her. I spent an entire afternoon transferring them into a spreadsheet document, and then Sarah picked a handful to answer here on the site (and some more to answer over on YouTube). So, without further ado, I give you a Q&A with Sarah Knight herself. Onwards! -> Onwards! ->

Review of “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck”

Amazing title for a book, am I right? And no, I’m not getting paid for this review of “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck”, because being paid to read books is for people who are livin’ the dream, and I ain’t quite there yet. But the author Sarah Knight (or, more accurately, her UK publicist Fiona at Quercus Books) did send me her book for free after I brazenly asked. So a massive thank you for that. By the by, if you want a chance to win your own copy of this book, hang around for all the details of the giveaway. The… Onwards! ->

Wanna Join A GYST Club? We Have Mugs!

GYST.club mug

So you already know I’m all about spreading the GYST love. I want to help as many people as possible to live better, more organised lives, and I’d like to think I do it with a little humour along the way. To me, there isn’t enough laughter in the world. We tend to take things very seriously, and society can often expect us to remain stoic if we want to be seen to be professional and “together”. But fuck that. I want to show that it’s possible for people to have their shit together, but still keep their sense of… Onwards! ->