How To Get Shit Done & Reach Your Productivity Peak

I’m going to assume you’ve already done a “mind sweep” to stop forgetting things, and that you’re breaking down your master list into categories to make it more manageable. Today is step 3 — how to get shit done. If you haven’t knocked a few things off your ‘to do’ list after this, you’re doing it wrong. 😛 Strap yourselves in, folks, ‘cause shit’s about to get serious. So, assuming you’re all caught up on previous posts (links above), you should now have a good handle on your calendar and your ‘to do’ items. Today’s the day we start taking… Onwards! ->

How To Break Down Your Master List (To Make It More Manageable)

Break Down Your Master List

This week, we’re taking your productivity to the next level by looking at how to break down your master list or brain dump into something much more manageable. (If you missed last week’s post, where we actually did a full “mind sweep” and got everything written down into a trusted system, you can catch up here: How To Stop Forgetting Things.) Assuming you were diligent with last week’s exercise, and kept it up in the interim, you should now have a pretty long list of random thoughts and tasks. It’s time to move them on, or move them out. Onwards! ->

Stop Forgetting Things… Today!

This month, I’m showing you how to get all your to-do’s out of your head and into an efficient system so you stop forgetting things. Sound good? After all, your brain should be for analysing and feeling and creating and connecting… It shouldn’t be concerned with crap like endlessly reminding you to buy milk or mend your bike. So let’s sweep the cobwebs off that poor, overworked cranium and get cracking, shall we? Your thoughts can be very scattered things. There’s no sheepdog up there corralling them together into a pen — they’re free to roam the wilds of your… Onwards! ->

Suffering From Overwhelm? 6 Ways to Calm Down & Get Shit Done

Overwhelm, how to stop feeling overwhelmed

Overwhelm. We all feel it at some point in our lives. And, if you’re a perfectionist and anxiety sufferer like me, you likely feel it more than most. Let’s talk about what it is, and how to overcome it. Juggling a job, housework, family, social engagements, and regular time for relaxation can be, at best, demanding and challenging. At worst, it can lead to total burnout in the form of stress, panic attacks, depression, etc. So learning to deal with the feeling of overwhelm effectively is important for our mental and physical health. What to do when you’re having a… Onwards! ->

CHALLENGE: 16 Things I Want To Do Before 2016

16 things I want to do before 2016 -- challenge

I don’t want to worry you but the end of the year is just around the corner. *gulp* Having said that, these last two months are my favourite time of year (with the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day being the pinnacle) because the new year brings new promise and new opportunities. I feel excited and motivated, and eager to challenge myself so I can round out the current year on a high. So when I saw that Kara over at had posted a picture of her “16 before 2016” list, I knew it was perfect for me.… Onwards! ->