How To Read 100 Books In 2020

How To Read More Books

Whenever I share a photo of my library haul, I inevitably receive a slew of surprised comments about the amount of books I borrow, with many people wishing they had more time to read. So, given that I’m just about to hit my goal of 100 books this year (almost double last year’s total), I’m sharing some helpful ways I managed to squeeze a LOT more reading into my regular routine. (Note that you don’t have to read 100 books. Pick a number that seems challenging but doable to you.) Onwards! -> Onwards! ->

The ONE THING You’re Not Doing

When your to-do list is as long as your arm, it’s overwhelming. And where do you even begin when you’ve got eleventy bajillion things tugging on your attention strings?You have to do laundry, but you also have to wash the dishes.You have to make dinner but you also have to walk the dog.You have to finish that report but you also have to book a dental appointment.You feel like giving up before you’ve even begun because, really, what’s the point? You’ll never complete it all so you may as well pretend it doesn’t exist. La la la, nothing to see here. That’s… Onwards! ->