How To Do Everything – Planning Your Perfect Week (& Then Living It)

How To Do Everything – Planning Your Perfect Week (& Living It)

Given that we each have 168 hours in our week, how is it that some seem to achieve more than others? In today’s post, I’m teaching you how to do everything by getting the most out of your time and making each hour count. You’re going to design a weekly schedule that includes not only the things you have to get done, but also the things you actually want to get done. Onwards! -> Onwards! ->

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Stationery Lovers 📚📝 (Plus Swoon-Worthy Pics)

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Stationery Lovers | Looking for gift ideas for the stationery addict in your life? Try these top picks | Planner addict | Planner nerd | planners

I’d be going against my true nature as a planner nerd if I didn’t put together a gift guide for stationery lovers. But beware, if you’re like me, you’ll just end up shopping from it yourself. For your viewing pleasure, prepare for plenty of pics (click on them to view them full size), and some video reviews. And for your pocket’s pleasure, I’ve included discount codes where applicable. 😀 Onwards! -> Onwards! ->

Alternatives to the “17 Before 2017” Challenge

Alternatives to the "17 Before 2017" challenge, for when you don't have the time or energy.

Have you heard of the “17 Before 2017” list, where you challenge yourself to achieve 17 things before the start of the new year? (Mine is embedded below if you want to check it out.)If it sounds intriguing but you’re worried you might not have the time to complete it, read on for my alternatives to the “17 Before 2017” challenge, some of which will only require a few minutes of your time, and one of which (#9) will actually SAVE you time. Onwards! -> Onwards! ->