2017 Wrap Up – A Month By Month Account of Highs & Lows

Goodbye 2017. Here's a wrap-up of how it treated me, both personally and professionally.

On January 1st 2017, I had no real idea of what lay ahead, least of all that I’d be moving across the ocean in the middle of the year. Yes, I had dreams and plans, but I could never have foreseen how the year would play out, or all the wonderful (and woeful) things that would happen. Here’s my 2017 wrap up, where I take stock of the standouts. Onwards! -> Onwards! ->

December 2017 Wrap Up

December 2017 wrap-up post for HowToGYST.com

December 2017 was all about getting back to some form of normality after November’s trip home, and it also saw us celebrate our first ever Christmas and New Year in the United States. Hello, snow!(This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through them, I’ll make a small commission. They’re for books from Amazon, and they’re clearly marked. Thanks for feeding my inner bookworm. For more info, read my disclosure.) Onwards! -> Onwards! ->