Your Priorities Are Probably Wrong

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve been diagnosed with a stress-related ulcer. Not fun. I’m now on daily medication for the next few weeks to try ease the symptoms and, if that doesn’t work, I have to go for a scope, which basically involves a doctor shoving a tiny camera down my throat. Imagine my excitement. Sometimes life will throw something like that at you, to force you to face your priorities (with mine now including stress management). But if I’d paid a little more attention to the problem before it turned into a great big tortuous ulcer… Onwards! ->

Don’t Let Stress Get The Best Of You

The mind is a pretty powerful thing. It can remember the tiniest of details, and the most memorable of moments. It can recall the lyrics to songs you haven’t heard since you were a child, and it can process thousands of thoughts and ideas and images every single second. It’s a well-oiled machine. Unfortunately, it can also run dry and break down. It can cause havoc with any number of your senses, and it can sometimes have difficulty remembering even the basics— from little things like where you left your keys, to big things like your children’s names. Sometimes we… Onwards! ->