Have A Happy Life: 10 Ways To Eliminate Negativity

Some of the biggest obstacles we encounter in life are all in our own heads — fear of failure, low self-esteem, our inner critic, and general negativity. We’re often our own worst enemies. But imagine what we could do if we were our own biggest champions. If we kicked that inner critic in the crotch and, instead, cheered ourselves on each step of the way. Easier said than done though, right? I hear ya. So let’s look at 10 ways we can eliminate negativity to live a happy life and become our own cheerleaders. Onwards! ->

Fear Of Failure: How To Overcome It

Fear of failure

Failure. The word has such crushing connotations. We can’t help but think of negativity when we hear it, and we actively try to avoid it throughout our lives. Fear of failure can be crippling; it can hold us back from pushing and striving, and from reaching our fullest potential. But failure, far from being an ending, is actually a beginning. I was recently asked during a Periscope broadcast about what my greatest successes and biggest failures were. Immediately I rattled off my daughter as my biggest success (good job, brain), but I couldn’t think of a single failure. Why? Because… Onwards! ->

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Happy life -- Stop comparing yourself to others -- I am a magical unicorn FB

Let’s talk about you. ‘Cause you’re pretty amazing. (Didn’t you get the memo?) But you can’t be truly happy until you stop comparing yourself to others, so let’s push those poisonous thoughts out of your head once and for all so you can shine like the diamond you are and stop giving a flying fuck what anyone thinks of you. Ready? Everyone has flaws, so don’t beat yourself up over your own. (If you are, maybe you need a strong dose of this post first: Love Yourself For Who You Are). No-one out there is perfect and the fact that… Onwards! ->