Step 3 of How to GYST — RE-ASSESS

{ Do you need to read from the beginning? } This is probably the hardest step of all but, if you took my advice and started small enough, it really shouldn’t be all that demanding. Nonetheless, reasonably difficult decisions will have to be made. Whatever area you’ve chosen, now’s the time to get serious with it. You’ve already removed any junk, but now you have to go through each thing and decide how necessary it is. I’m using the word “necessary” here pretty loosely because, let’s face it, there are very few things in life that are absolutely NECESSARY. What… More ->

Step 4 of How to GYST — ORGANISE

{Do you need to read from the beginning? } You’ve come a long way, baby. Halfway through your GYST stroll and you have’t even broken a sweat. You’re past the point of no return, and it’s all downhill from here (in a rollerskating kind of way, not an “after you turn 25” kinda way). Sometimes this job will take mere seconds. If you’ve been working on a bookshelf and have already gone through the first few steps, all you have to do is put the books back. Easy peasy. Maybe you want to organise them by category, or size, or… More ->


{ Do you need to read from the beginning? } So you’ve got your shit together; now, how do you KEEP it together? With a system! That probably sounds much more complicated than it actually is. By “system”, I simply mean a way to make it as easy as possible to maintain order. Here are some examples: Books: Do you prefer to categorise them by genre (fiction, non-fiction, etc.), or by size? Do you want all the hardbacks together and all the paperbacks together? Or do you want to move books you’ve already read to a lower shelf and keep… More ->


{Do you need to read from the beginning? } You’re pretty much home and dry now. All that’s really left is to monitor your system over time and tweak it, if necessary. I had a system whereby, in my wardrobe, I kept all my trousers together. It made sense to me at the time I put the system in place. But I noticed that I was constantly frustrated by wanting to wear something casual with a pair of Converse and only finding trousers that really required heels. So I separated the trousers out into regular and long lengths. Problem solved.… More ->

How to Get Your Shit Together: The End

  CONGRATULATIONS, you just got your shit together!     In one small area of your life, at least. Was it your wardrobe? Your desk drawer? Your paper pile? Your computer desktop? Your phone contacts? Your bag? Whatever it was, you did it. And you should be damn proud. Feel free to do a little happy dance, and to give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Pity the mere mortals that don’t have your sense of ambition and achievement. And then send them to this site. What? It’s your moral obligation to help your fellow man. Speaking of helping… More ->