Find Your “Why” to Overcome Lack of Motivation

We all have habits we want to make or break. Things we want to do, and things we want to stop doing. But have you ever really asked yourself why? WHY do you want to start exercising? WHY do you want to cut back on your alcohol intake? WHY do you want to learn a new language? You need to have a reason, and it needs to be a damn good one. Things like, “Everyone else is doing it”, or “I really should be doing this”, or “It’d be a cool thing to do” aren’t good enough. Figure out your… Onwards! ->

April 2015 Wrap-Up

Thankfully, unlike March, April has been a very productive month for me. The main reason for it is that I’ve started implementing the KonMari Method (read my intro to the method here if you’re not familiar with it). I’ve only gone through my clothes, books, papers, and toiletries so far, but it’s already made such a huge difference, not just in my home, but also in my head! I’ve felt a lot calmer and more comfortable since getting rid of so much junk. If you’re interested in following my progress, keep an eye on the site in the coming weeks,… Onwards! ->

How To Stop Procrastinating & Start Doing!

If there’s anything I’ve learned from trying to get my shit together, it’s that you have to get started. It’s not rocket science but, often, the main reasons we procrastinate are that the task either isn’t enjoyable enough, or it seems too daunting to even bother starting. I’m no Mary Poppins, so I can’t teach you how to get things done at a click of your fingers, and I can’t sing a little ditty and dance a merry jig to keep you amused while you scrub the toilet, but I can tell you that getting started is the hardest part. Good… Onwards! ->

How I Stay Productive (And Sane) As A Stay-At-Home Parent

Being productive when you’re a stay-at-home parent is, at best, bloody hard work. At worst, you’ll drive yourself downright demented. I’ve been both sides of the spectrum, and everywhere in between, so I thought I’d share what I’ve learned along the way. Now I don’t want you to think that I’ve completely overcome this problem. I have good days and bad. More of the latter, if I’m honest. I know how hard it can be, and if something herein helps a stay-at-home parent increase their productivity by even 1%, or at least makes their day go a fraction smoother, I’ll… Onwards! ->

Can Tidying Really Change Your Life? Marie Kondo Thinks So

  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve recently lost my mind and started implementing something called the KonMari Method. I’ve previously described it as comprising of two steps: Gather all your shit together in one big pile. Throw it all away. While I still maintain that that’s a pretty accurate assessment, I thought some of you might want a more detailed introduction to what it is and what it involves. The method is outlined in Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying” (or, in some versions, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”). It’s… Onwards! ->