Book Nook: November 2019

November 2019 Book Nook | Book reviews | Goodreads reading challenge 2019

I’ll admit I read a few shorter books this month to bring me closer to my goal for the year. (In my defence, December is a crazy time of year in terms of workload so the more pressure I could take off myself in advance, the better.) But I also started plenty that I didn’t even bother finishing (something I’m learning to do more and more). And in all of that, there was only one shining star. Onwards! -> Onwards! ->

7 Ways To Jumpstart Your Day

I used to believe that if your day got off to a bad start, hey, it could only get better from there. Now that I’m a little older and wiser I know that your morning mood usually affects the rest of your day. If you wake feeling sorry for yourself, you’ll ride that self-pity train right on through. BUT if you wake feeling inspired and vibrant, you’ll take that positive energy all the way into your evening. So if a great day starts with a great morning, here are some ways to ensure you get it started on the right foot. Onwards!… Onwards! ->

Setting Yourself Up For A Stress-Free Season

Stress-free festivities – simplifying Christmas & gift giving

OK, I’ve held off talking about it as long as I can but Christmas is right around the corner. (Five weeks, folks. Just five weeks.) And if you want to be able to enjoy it, it helps to be prepared. So here are some really easy ways you can make it the least stressful one yet (well, since you were a kid anyway), including my super simple hack for finding great gifts. Onwards! -> Onwards! ->

2 Ways To Escape Your Comfort Zone & Run Free

How to get out of your comfort zone & break free of limitations

They don’t call it a “comfort” zone for nothing. Try approach its outer limits and you’ll soon feel pain and resistance. And why would anyone want that? Well the truth is, you do, because you have big goals and dreams and you know you won’t achieve them by walking the same worn path and covering the same old ground. You need to break free. To embrace the discomfort. And I’ve got two ways for you to do it. Onwards! -> Onwards! ->