4 Signs You Need To Take A Break NOW (PLUS How To Have More Energy)

Always tired? Here are 4 signs you NEED to take a break (plus some top tips on how to have more energy throughout your day)

I know you’re busy. I know you’re working, you’re cleaning, you’re grocery shopping, you’re cooking… I know you barely have any time for yourself. But when feeling tired is just a constant state of being, how can you tell when it’s actually time to take a proper break? Well, if you listen carefully, your body is giving you these 4 warning signs… More ->

How To Keep Kids Busy For Hours (So You Can Work From Home) | Coronavirus / COVID-19 Activities

How to keep kids busy for hours (while you work from home)

Last week I shared some great activities you could do with your kids while you’re stuck at home. But there’s only so much time you can spend with the tikes before you need a few minutes to yourself. So this week, I’ve created a list of ideas that will keep them occupied for hours so you can get some work done… or just pee in peace. 😉(Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. They’re provided for your convenience and don’t cost you anything, but I earn a small commission if you go on to make a purchase. Thank you. Read… More ->

At-Home Activities To Keep Kids Occupied During Coronavirus

Coronavirus got you stuck inside with the smallies? Here are some simple activities to keep them occupied.

School’s out for summer the foreseeable. All of a sudden your house is full of the little’uns again and you may be wondering how you’re going to keep them occupied for weeks on end… and save your sanity in the process.Well never fear, I have a list of fun activities (plus a free ‘activity square’) that will keep young kids busy while we’re all “social distancing” and the world battles Coronavirus. More -> More ->

Book Nook: February 2020

February 2020 Book Nook | Book reviews | Goodreads reading challenge 2020

I’m a bit disappointed in myself this month because I started slipping back into my old ways of continuing with books even though I wasn’t totally captivated by them.Thankfully, though, I did eventually catch myself and ended up abandoning a book halfway through. And a good thing too because it meant I could round out the month on a high note! More -> More ->