Book Nook: September 2019

September 2019 Book Nook | Book reviews | Goodreads reading challenge 2019

I have a great reason for literally only reading one book in the first half of September – I got my work groove back! Since burning out in September of last year, I’ve really struggled with my productivity levels. But after an entire year, I’m finally getting back on track and have been making the most of it as I settle into a new routine. So yes, that initially meant a little bit less reading. And I was OK with that. Thankfully, I found a good rhythm again (and was in bed with a bad cold) so things started to pick up… Onwards! ->

How To Keep Calm When Everything’s Driving You Demented

How To Keep Calm When Everything's Driving You Demented | Don't Lose Your Cool | Stay Calm & Keep A Cool Head

Life is full of minor (and, let’s face it, major) annoyances and, if you’re like me, you have precious little patience to deal with them. So how do you stop the everyday Drama Llamas from driving you to drink… and divorce? Here are a few tricks I’ve learned along the way. (Truth time: even while writing this post I repeatedly had to use these tips because my 6 year old apparently believes she’s a decade older.) Onwards! -> Onwards! ->