August 2018 Wrap Up

I probably experienced more in that one month than most people do in a year! I'm talking a trip to Ireland, a big gaping hole in the plane, and a "blonde moment" while shopping for back-to-school supplies. And all while challenging myself to stick to a capsule wardrobe of just 15 items of clothing!


The blog and YouTube channel were pretty quiet because of my trip home, so let's do this drive-by style, shall we?

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August 2018 Wrap Up post | HowToGYST Monthly Highlights

Blog Posts from August 2018

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11 MORE Ways To Save Money

Told you it was quiet.

Videos from January 2018

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Social Media Stats for August 2018

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    Twitter: over 1,200 followers.
  • camera-retro
    Instagram: over 2,600 followers. Big increase here after the back-to-school drama I posted on Insta-stories.

What else happened in August 2018?


Books I finished reading in August 2018

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Transatlantic flights are always great for getting some reading done. 😉

And if you thought I was going to start slowing down, think again! I've only just begun. 😉

What was your favourite thing I did in August? (The back-to-school shopping was a big hit!)

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