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Make Spring Cleaning Easier • 10 Things To Declutter In April

If you don’t own it, you don’t have to clean it. 🤗 Lucky for you, I’m here to lighten your spring cleaning load with 10 things to declutter in April.

Not only will your home look a lot tidier with less clutter, you’ll also be creating space for the things you truly enjoy. Double win!

10 Things To Declutter In April • April decluttering to make spring cleaning easier

What to declutter in April

1. laundry supplies

Laundry is a tricky enough task without adding extra stress to it.

Instead of knocking over unused stain removers to get to the detergent, streamline your laundry supplies to what you actually use.

And look, if you haven’t found that sock’s missing mate after six months, you can let that go too.

Quick and easy access to exactly what you need, with nothing in the way, will shave precious seconds off your laundry routine.

And given how often you do it, that adds up to BIG time savings.


2. socks & underwear

We’ve already mentioned socks with missing mates but if you have others that have seen better days, it’s time to set them free.

If you’re not willing to darn them, declutter them.

They don’t even have to go to waste – pop them over your hands to help you dust.

(This is particularly useful if, like me, you have wooden slatted blinds. The sock trick works a treat.)

Yup, spring cleaning will be a doddle.

Also declutter any underwear that’s outstayed its welcome.

It’s fine to keep the extra comfortable pairs, of course, but pare down to the pairs you’re actually wearing.


3. expired or unused cosmetics

Opened cases of cosmetics are breeding grounds for bacteria. Are you really going to let it loose in your eyes by using that mascara you’ve had for longer than you can remember?

Or rub the germs in that old foundation all over your face?

Cosmetics have a pretty short shelf life. If you can’t remember the last time you used it, it’s probably time to toss it.

4. junk food

Before you click away because you think I’m asking you to get rid of your beloved treats, I’m only referring to the ones you’re not eating.

Maybe you were gifted a sweet treat you don’t like, or you decided to try something new only to discover it’s not for you.

Or maybe, like me, you eat so much of something that you eventually become sick of it.

Go through your stash and weed out the ones you’re not eating.

If they’re still in good condition, donate them.

5. gardening tools

You may have started growing some vegetables during the pandemic, or buying some extra plants. (Guilty.)

But just like humans, plants come with a lot of stuff.

Rakes, shovels, watering cans, light meters, bags of soil…

If you’re like me and you opted for cheap tools only to have the handles fall off after five minutes, it’s time to clear away that clutter.

If you’re not using it, for whatever reason, let it go.

Bikes, camping gear, fishing poles…

Equipment for the great outdoors can be big, bulky, awkward to store, and even more awkward to access.

If it never sees the light of day, declutter it so it stops taking up precious space.

7. sports equipment

Your kid signs up for soccer so you buy all the kit and then they decide they’re done after a single season. It’s frustrating… and expensive!

Save another family the full cost by donating your barely-used gear.

Or, if it’s something expensive, maybe try selling it so you can invest the proceeds in the next sports phase.


8. excess accounts

If you have bank accounts and credit cards you’re not using (or barely), consider closing them to streamline your finances.

Double whammy if this cuts down on the number of statements you’re receiving too.

And if they’re accounts that charge fees, you’ll also be saving yourself some money. Bonus!

(Speak to your financial advisor if you’re concerned about how closing accounts will affect your credit score.)


9. wallet contents

Speaking of cards, how many unused ones do you have clogging up your wallet? Or unwanted receipts? Or expired coupons?

Lighten your load by decluttering what you don’t want or need.

Also try ‘natural decluttering’ by using up all those coupons, gift cards, and small coins.

(But not to buy more clutter, obviously. 😉)

10. piles of papers

No need to look so horrified, I’m only talking about the ones you already know you’re getting rid of.

The stack of junk mail on the kitchen counter, the ancient bank statements and tax returns that are waiting to be shredded…

Take a few minutes to free yourself from this burden.

Psst! If paper clutter is a regular source of stress for you, you’ll want to watch this video:

Still looking for a little extra guidance? My 30-day cleaning course gives you a new task each day so you can tackle your whole house in easy, manageable steps.

It takes the suckiness out of spring cleaning, especially when you’re short on time and energy.

what's your least favourite cleaning chore?

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