Happy Alternative Thanksgiving 2018!

Because I'm Irish, I don't celebrate the US holiday of Thanksgiving. Nonetheless, I do try to practice gratitude on a regular basis, so I appreciate anything that reminds me. Still though, I always like to give it my own little twist, so last year I started Alternative Thanksgiving as a little nod to my first year living in America.


Alternative Thanksgiving 2018 – Things to be grateful for | Gratitude

Alternative Thanksgiving is a celebration of the silly things. Life's simple pleasures that often go unnoticed. It's easy to remember the big ones – family and friends and a roof over your head. But what about rainbows? And sparkles? And clean sheets?

My list of the tiny things I'm thankful for would be infinite, but here are the top 10 that popped into my head this year:

Told you they were silly. πŸ˜‰

So, whatever the holiday means to you, I'd encourage you to take a moment to think of the simple things that make your life that little bit easier. Maybe it's the way your favourite mug fits your hand just so, or the way you've worn in your winter boots, or that your husband doesn't snore. Maybe it's that you live somewhere you can see the stars, or that you've managed to keep one single plant alive (even if it's a cactus).

Truly celebrate the small things because, when you add them all up, they equal a full and happy life.

Whether it's regular or alternative, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. 1. coffee 2. Tasty recipes 3. my sewing machines 4. Free images on google 5.warm feet in bed 6. amazon.ca and PRIME. 7. my washing machine and dishwasher 8.my RAV4 9.kindness in any form 10. Imagination and creativity There you are, Linda, have a wonderful pre-Christmas season, LOVING HUGS from Julie

  2. Same for me in Australia re call returning. First contact is voice or face to face but text ok after that. “Business people who don’t return my call, it needn’t be instantly, get my custom too. Bike short thingies to wear under my dresses would have to be on my list. Stops the thigh rub and I am free from always wearing longer leg pants and trousers forever.
    I read a quote last night which said the writer (and I ) were born before glitter was invented. So, I guess that glitter has been I vented – as long as I don’t have to clean it up. ;-). I’ll keep thinking as I declutter today. There’s a lot of things which have now been invented which I personally Do Not have to own!!!!!

  3. Small, but far from insignificant, things to be grateful for make my world go round!
    Coffee β˜•οΈ
    My local YMCA
    Hot showers … I’m with you on hating the cold!
    My planner
    Coffee β˜•οΈ
    This community
    Did I mention COFFEE?!

  4. It’s not just an Irish thing. Having someone call back seems to be a rarity. Yes even emailing or texting back, there are some people who just don’t do it. Why?
    Thankful for the roof over my head, the ability to pay for that roof, and all the things under it that need to be repaired. Heat. Airconditioning, water, my dog who keeps me company, my family, friends, down coat, fluffy socks, avocados, colors, DVR, How to GYST and Quiltville. smiling πŸ™‚

  5. I’m grateful for electricity because it pumps the rainwater up out of my tank and into my house = toilet flushing, showers, washing of dishes and clothes and cups, more cups, of tea. And yes I seriously dislike those who fail to return phone calls or emails, I think it’s incredibly rude. But then, I must admit, my mum’s family is Irish….

  6. Only recently started reading your posts. My chest of drawers is organized because of your YouTube videos.
    1. Kindness
    2. Family
    3. My students
    4. Friends
    5. Colleagues at work
    6. Hugs given and received
    7. Roof over my head
    8. A job that I love to keep the
    roof over my head.
    9. Hot showers–I’m with you on this one.
    10. My husband’s cooking.

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