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The goal here at HowToGYST is pretty obvious:

We’re here to help you get your shit together!


Through accessible, practical, and humorous content that supports you in simplifying and optimising your life, ultimately giving time back for the things you enjoy.

What to Expect

You will find a range of ideas from practical organising, planning, and budgeting tips to discussions on time management, motivation, and permission to not always have your shit together.
What you will not find is anything unrealistic, or perfectly styled photos, or any shaming or guilting you into new habits. We support a well-rounded, inclusive approach that meets you where you are in a learning style that works for you. You can choose from videos, worksheets, blog posts, online courses, and more.
Getting your shit together starts with actionable, achievable steps. Since you have made it to this page, you have taken the first one!

You are joining a community of nearly 100k YouTube subscribers, 8,000 email subscribers, and thousands of friends on Instagram that are all trying to live a simpler, happier life.

A Few Ways to Get Started

About the Founder

Hello there, I’m Laura. I started HowToGYST after pausing my legal career in Ireland to be a stay-at-home parent. 

I was exhausted and overwhelmed by maintaining a house, raising a daughter, and finding time for my own interests. But when I turned online for advice I was exhausted and overwhelmed by Pinterest Perfect bloggers—all of whom seemed to have an infinite amount of time and a shit-tonne of money. 

I had neither of those things.

So I researched books, web pages, videos, ran trial-and-error experiments, and gradually started getting my shit together! I also began sharing my journey, experiences, and learnings along the way, building what is now HowToGYST.
While I am not a lot of things (not a morning person, not athletically inclined, and certainly not Martha Stewart) I am always trying to be better. Always interested in being more organised, more efficient, and less stressed. The more I’ve worked toward this goal, the more people I meet that are eager to do the same. We are getting our shit together… together!

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