5 Photos: May 2020

Welcome to a new series on the blog where I share 5 photos from my month that capture significant or memorable moments, along with their stories.

These are from May 2020.


We had several medical appointments this month as part of our green card applications. It involved blood tests, vaccinations, and physicals. While they were all relatively straightforward, Scout found the blood draw particularly tough. She’s never had one before, and as soon as she saw the blood, she went white as a sheet, started shaking, and said she was going to throw up. She didn’t and, thankfully, the lab tech got the blood she needed, but it was an unpleasant experience and one I hope we don’t have to repeat.

(Fun fact: if you don’t get your green card within a year of your medical appointments, you have to submit to the whole medical process again, bar vaccinations. And it ain’t cheap, my friends. It ain’t cheap.)

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  1. I adore this!! I have to admit that I teared up on the last one. Probably the mom/grandma in me. ❤️

    Thank you for sharing, Laura.

    P.S. It would be easier for people like me if you numbered the green page squares.

    • They are numbered but I agree it’s difficult to see. The site is (over)due a re-design so improved navigation and functionality is coming soon! =)

  2. Thank you for sharing! The picture about the post office is so relateable-I’ve cancelled a trip I had been planning for a long time only to constantly see people posting pictures on facebook of vacations and spending time with friends. I hope everyone stays safe and it would be nice if people could find a middle ground to stay safe!

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