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☘️ 20 Productive Things To Do During Quarantine • Complete These Little Tasks

When you're short on time and energy (and, let's face it, motivation), these 5 minute tasks will keep your to-do list in check.


Productive Things To Do At Home • Little Tasks You Can Complete In Less Than 5 Minutes • Productivity Tips For Getting Things Done When You're Short On Time

If you take a look at your to-do list, chances are it's taken up not with one or two big goals but, rather, lots of little tasks.

Mine is the same but here's the thing...

Because they're so small, you may find it too easy to procrastinate on them.

They end up rolling forward from one day to the next and before you know it, it's the weekend and you can't relax because you have a whole bunch of little chores to take care of.

Wouldn't it be better if you could find a way to slot them into your week, and in such a sneaky way that you barely even realise you're doing them?

Here's the trick for tackling those little tasks...

We all have small pockets of time throughout the week – when we're waiting for the kettle to boil or the microwave to ding, stuck on hold on the phone, sitting through an ad break...

Those are all perfect times to tick off a few quick tasks.

But here's the thing – if you don't have a plan for when those times arise, you'll miss your opportunity to be productive.


You'll spend so much time trying to decide what to do that the moment (or a large chunk of it, at least) will have passed.

That's why it's so important to have a list already on hand so, at the first sign of extra or unexpected time, you can dive in and start getting things done.

How to keep kids busy for hours (while you work from home)

Looking for ways to keep the kids occupied so you can get stuff done at home? Here's a list of quiet-time activities:

Productive Things To Do

These 5 minute tasks are going to help you stop wasting time, learn how to stay productive at home, and get more done than you thought possible... WITHOUT wasting a whole bunch of energy.

Honestly, some of them take almost no effort at all, but by consistently slipping them into your week, you're going to up your productivity game SIGNIFICANTLY.

Watch the video below to learn 20 quick tasks you can complete in less than 5 minutes:

(For loads more videos like these on living a simpler, happier life, subscribe to my YouTube channel. New videos every Thursday.)

You don't get much bang for your buck these days, but there are LOTS of things you can do in less than 5 minutes.

Slip these tasks into those small pockets of time throughout your day and you'll have CRUSHED your to-do list by the weekend.

Start writing your list of small tasks today and tell me...

What are some things you can do in 5 minutes or less?

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