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Write your story.

If it feels like your days are flying by in a blur and you're not able to savour the special moments, it's time to take control and create the life you truly want to live.

Planning and creating your days allows you to prioritise what's truly important so you don't get caught up in busy work.


The 'My Life Story' 2022 Digital Planner

'My Life Story' is a digital planner that allows you to create your year, day by day, goal by goal. It's fully hyperlinked so you can quickly and easily get to where you need to go.

Each page is designed with just enough structure to keep you on track, but also enough flexibility to allow you to design your days exactly how you want.

And with the ability to add photos and digital stickers, you can truly make it your own.

This is planning on YOUR terms.

What's Included?

‘My Life Story’ has all you need to plan and create your best year yet.

With yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily pages, as well as habit trackers, lists, notepaper, and digital stickers, you’re about to LEVEL UP in 2022.

2022 Digital Planner 'My Life Story' by HowToGYST, Cover with navigation text
Don't miss a single moment.

Use this planner not just to plan your days and chase your biggest dreams, but also as a memory keeper.

Each day write the story of your life in little snippets so that, when you look back, you’ll be able to see the big picture.
2022 Digital Planner 'My Life Story' by HowToGYST, monthly pages, monthly spread
2022 Digital Planner 'My Life Story' by HowToGYST, weekly pages, weekly spread
2022 Digital Planner 'My Life Story' by HowToGYST, daily pages, daily spread

What People Are Saying About The 'my life story' digital planner

“It is fantastic. Just what I wanted and more.”


“This is amazing! I bought it right away. You’ve thought of everything.”


“I have been searching for a digital planner that has room for all the different hats I wear. Thank you for designing something so beautiful!”


Additional list paper and notepaper means your planner can adapt to suit your needs.

You can duplicate and move around as needed so you never run out of space on those busy days.

And digital stickers not only help make the important information stand out so you don't miss it, they also add additional flair and fun to your digital planner.
2022 Digital Planner 'My Life Story' by HowToGYST, lists pages
2022 Digital Planner 'My Life Story' by HowToGYST, notepaper
2022 Digital Planner 'My Life Story' by HowToGYST, digital stickers

planner contents







Then each month contains:


Dot grid
Square grid


“I am in LOVE with the new planner! It is seriously the most thought out planner EVER.”


“Absolutely awesome! Love love love this!”




Yearly overviews and habit trackers help monitor your progress towards your goals throughout the year so you can stay consistent.

Monthly vision boards and reviews keep you focused and on track, documenting and celebrating all your wins along the way.
2022 Digital Planner 'My Life Story' by HowToGYST, 2022 & 2023 calendars
2022 Digital Planner 'My Life Story' by HowToGYST, habit trackers
2022 Digital Planner 'My Life Story' by HowToGYST, monthly review & vision board

“Just got your planner and stickers. I love love love them. Perfect for my journaling needs.”


“I am amazed at how much time, effort, and detail you put into your planner.”


“The planner is a game changer.”


'MY Life story'

2022 Digital Planner by HowToGYST
$ 7
  • • 450+ planner pages
  • • Beautiful minimalist design
  • • Digital stickers
2022 Digital Planner 'My Life Story' by HowToGYST, important dates / perpetual calendar

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I receive the planner?
    As soon as payment is completed your planner will be emailed to you at the email address you provided at checkout. It will be attached as a PDF file. Simply click to open.
  • Are there instructions for how to use it?
    Yes! Your email will include a link to an intro video that walks you through everything step by step. The link will also be included in the planner itself so you can easily refer back to it if needed.
  • Can I use it on multiple devices?
    Yes! It’s easiest to use on a tablet but you can also use the ‘My Life Story’ digital planner on a phone, laptop, or desktop. Depending on the app you use (I recommend Notability or Goodnotes on iOS, and Xodo on Android), you should have the ability to save and sync your planner across your devices.
  • Do I need an Apple Pencil or other digital stylus?
    Technically, no. You can type into the planner and use your finger to write, draw, add photos, etc. You’ll get the best experience with some type of digital writing implement though.
  • What if I'm unhappy with the planner?
    Unfortunately, as this is a digital download, all sales are final and we do not process refunds. But if you have a question or issue, reach out to us at and we’ll assist in any way we can. We want you to truly love the ‘My Life Story’ 2022 digital planner.
  • Anything else I should know?
    We’ll be providing hints and tips for how to get the most out of your digital planner both on Instagram and here on the HowToGYST website. (That’s where you’ll also find all our other awesome content about living a simpler, happier life.)
2022 Digital Planner 'My Life Story' by HowToGYST, flipbook

Want To get a taste of what it's like?

Grab your FREE December planner

December 2021 Digital Planner
Your December planner will help you create a more organised and less stressful holiday season. Inside you’ll find the space you need to plan out each day, jot down gift ideas, and insert photos of those special moments.

Once it’s filled out, you’ll have a snapshot of your festive adventures that you can look back on for years to come.

It’s not hyperlinked like the full 2022 planner, but it’s perfect for a test run.

Plus it’s totally free so enter your details below and snag yours now.

    December 2021 Digital Planner 'My Life Story' by HowToGYST, monthly overview, weekly overview, monthly review
    December 2021 Digital Planner 'My Life Story' by HowToGYST, calendar pages
    December 2021 Digital Planner 'My Life Story' by HowToGYST, calendar pages, monthly review