Ending The Year On A High Note

I'm definitely ready to end this year on a high note! Motivation for New Year's resolutions.

In just 5 short weeks we’ll be into a new year, which means we’ll have just started our journeys towards health and fitness, less stress, even less debt, and to generally being the person we’ve always wanted to be.


And all we have to do is wait.



I'm definitely ready to end this year on a high note! Motivation for New Year's resolutions.

With New Year’s Day on the horizon, my mind is turning to resolutions — not just the ones I’m going to make for next year but the ones I’ve already broken for this year. (Will I EVER write that book?!)

The truth is that most of us made the same resolutions for this year that we did the year before… and that we intend on making for the next. Hands up how many of us promised ourselves we’d be healthier this year? *raises hand high* Now, how many of us can honestly say we’ve turned our unhealthy-eating habits around? *whistles*

The sad part is that we think that the clock only resets on New Year’s Day. We’re waiting for that ball to drop before we ditch our bad habits. We’ve already written off this year when, in reality, there’s still a way to go.

Instead of only wiping away the cobwebs after Auld Lang’s Syne, there’s still time to tie up some loose ends if we knuckle down now. How? By taking a look at the resolutions we made for this year, re-evaluating whether they’re still important to us, getting rid of those that aren’t, and seeing what we can do with what’s left.

  • If you promised yourself you'd get healthy, there's still plenty of time to join a gym, write up a meal plan, start going for a walk in the evening, research healthier alternatives to your most-loved meals, etc.
  • If you promised yourself you'd be debt free, there's still time to book an appointment with a financial advisor, write up a basic budget, implement some money-saving techniques, DIY some gifts or suggest a family Kris Kindle, etc.
  • If you promised yourself you'd follow that big dream you've been putting off, there's still time to do some research, gather some basic tools, slot some regular time into your schedule to devote to it, write a list of some of the steps you'd need to take to get it off the ground, etc.

If you're just not sure where to start, how about taking on the "17 Before 2017" challenge? Here's mine, to give you an idea of how it works:

The tasks can be as small as you'd like, so don't feel that you have to move mountains. If you're still struggling, or feeling overwhelmed, read my list of 50 alternatives to the "17 Before 2017" challenge for some inspiration. There are plenty of small, achievable tasks in there, as well as one that will actually SAVE you some time!

Worst case scenario, you’ll wake up New Year’s morning knowing that you’ve already got a few battles under your belt and that you’re well on your way to winning the war. You’ll have made progress towards your goals and will start the year with a feeling of satisfaction and self-confidence.

And just in time to rock the shit out of those NEW New Year’s resolutions. 😉

Our slate may be messy but, if we start right now, we can wipe at least one corner clean and fill it in with some fancy lettering. Maybe a doodle or two. Wrap some fairy lights around it.

So CHEERS. Here’s to ending the year on a high note.


What's one thing you could achieve before January 1st?

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