April 2017 Wrap Up

April 2017 wrap-up post from HowToGYST.com

My busiest month this year so far, April 2017 saw the re-launch of my e-course, the departure (and return) of my husband, surgery for my mother, good news on the school front, and the birthday of a special little lady. Onwards! ->

February 2017 Wrap Up

February 2017 wrap up post header

I started February 2017 thinking I was doing so well. Decent productivity levels, no sickness at all… And then the latter end of the month was like AHAHAHAHAHAHA, PSYCHE!BUT I did have a very exciting collaboration with one of my idols, and I was approached about being a guest on TV, so it wasn’t all bad.​ Onwards! ->

16 Things 2016 Taught Me (Apart From Bowie Being Mortal)

16 Things 2016 Taught Me | HowToGYST | lessons learned

What a year! With seemingly every celebrity under the sun popping their clogs (thank you for sparing Bruce Willis, at least), surprise presidential elections, and ongoing conflicts around the world, you’d be forgiven for writing 2016 off as a bit of a blip. But every season of life has its lessons, and last year was no exception. So here are 16 things 2016 taught me. Onwards! ->

January 2017 Wrap Up

January 2017 wrap-up post | HowToGYST.com

January 2017 was a bit of a mixed bag for me. Things veered back and forth between “Wow, this sucks” and “Well this is exciting!” Overall, though, I’d say I’m on the right track to a standout year.Hold your nose; it’s time to dive in! Onwards! ->

My 2017 Resolutions — All 12 Of Them!

Advance warning that some of you will be a little horrified by one of my choices. But hey, my body, my rules.What follows are 12 things I plan to achieve in 2017. Yes, you heard me, 12. And not in a one-for-each-month sort of way. Nope, I’ll be working on ALL of these ALL of the time.If you think 12 is too many, consider this: I whittled it down from 24. What can I say, I’m a goal-setter and -getter. 😉 Onwards! ->

November 2016 Wrap Up

​Professionally, November 2016 was a great month. I worked hard and it was a very successful month in terms of page views for the site and subscribers to the YouTube channel.Personally, it was pretty shit. Onwards! ->