May 2016 Wrap-Up

May 2016 Wrap-Up post for

Well May 2016 kinda sucked. I was basically sick for the entire month. Honestly, I haven’t been right since I launched the e-course in April. I was completely run down so my immune system took a savage beating.But it wasn’t all bad, so let’s look back over the month of May to see what’s worth mentioning (and what’s not worth remembering). Onwards! -> Onwards! ->

The KonMari Method — ‘Paper’ (Round 2)

Digital decluttering of computer files & social media profiles. How to do a digital detox & free up storage space.

I don’t know a single person who has looked forward to this category of the KonMari Method — ‘Paper’. I’m no exception. Even though my pile was significantly reduced last year, paper is still so fiddly and contains so many different types of information that it becomes a pain in the arse to manage.But let’s jump on in and look at how I fared last year, and then leap forward to this year’s foray. There’ll be a discussion on all the ways I failed, the things I learned, and Marie Kondo’s #1 tip when it comes to paper clutter. (It’s… Onwards! ->

Mindfulness Meditation: What It Is & How I Do It

A (former) skeptic's guide to mindfulness meditation. Beginner? This is about as basic as it gets.

PIN TO READ LATER Look, I know it has a reputation as being a bit airy-fairy, but bear with me. I don’t go into a trance or reach transcendence or any of that sorta stuff, so you can stop picturing Tibetan monks sitting atop mountains with their legs in the lotus position. Instead, consider this a (former) skeptic’s guide to mindfulness meditation, where I cut the crap and just tell you how and why I sit in silence for a few minutes a day. Onwards! -> Onwards! ->

The KonMari Method — Books (Round 2)

The KonMari Method -- Books. Before and after pics, from a bookworm. ;)

Ah, books. I have such a love affair with them. If you want to make me happy, give me a comfortable chair and a good book and don’t you fucking dare disturb me for several hours. So with that in mind, did I manage to declutter any of them at all? Well let’s just say that this was like the anti-KonMari of categories — very much the odd-one-out for me. Onwards! -> Onwards! ->

Minimalist Living — How To Be Curator Of Your Own Life

A great guide to minimalist living (even with kids and lots of stuff)

If you’re like my husband, you’ll think that being minimalist involves living in an empty house with bare walls and rooms. It’s all doom and gloom — devoid of personality, modern conveniences, or any sense of fun. He also thinks minimalism is impossible to achieve with children. But lately, I’ve been trying to explain to him what minimalist living really means, so that he can stop freaking out every time I go on another KonMari bender. 😉Because yes, you CAN be a minimalist with children and still own a lot of stuff. Onwards! -> Onwards! ->